She immediately became silent and she pointed at the head stone, which was in actuality a wooden cross hand made out of a bunch of twigs. On its bottom there was a sign, hand-written then laminated piss-poorly, with air bubbles and folds. The sign read, ‘Hear lies Peter Percy. From ashes to ashes and then dusts to dust.’

Peter took his time reading the inscription, and then after maybe ten seconds of processing, he broke into the biggest belly laugh he ever experienced, alive or dead. Savannah didn’t understand off the cuff, but then looked closer at the words and eventually laughed hard with her Peter.

“Those redneck idiots! I was born into a family of some classic backwoods dumb mother effers!” Peter laughed still, wiping the spirit tears from his apparition’s eyes. “I wonder how Mother’s taking all this,” he mused. “She’s no doubt dead with shock herself at this point!”

Savannah took a knee, facing their graves and taking in the moment of failure but also a moment of acceptance, which was greater than any failure at this level. She then pivoted towards Peter, still on bended knee. “What lies ahead of us now, Master?” She was stoic, with head bowed slightly.

Peter stepped toward her and too, took a knee, inches from her. “My dearest Savannah. I am not your master. I can lead us but we only serve one supremity and I am far from Him.” He leaned forward and brought his lips to hers as they shared a deep kiss, eyes closed and hearts aglow. When it broke, he put his hand on her cheek and said, “We shall meet the others at the portals cusp and I will reveal our next step, a direction which I feel will accomplish what we know we currently cannot attain with these expired and rotten bodies. Continue to trust me.”
Back at the portal, just as Peter is speaking…
Two black souls emerged from within the portal, which had been left open for anyone or anything to crossover. They stepped to the side and composed themselves, then their gaze fell upon the gateway from which they just arrived.
Like bats out of the darkest cave in the blackest of nights, a multitude of dark souls, The Unredeemed, poured out and onto the earth. They swirled around the other two, flying at a great speed and with signal of one by putting his thumb and forefinger together, they froze abruptly in the air and descended to Earth.

“The Abomination demands your ear.” Defilement roared through clenched teeth, not liking this downsized form he had taken. Smaller and dark, with almost no recognizable features, as they all were on earth, even The Abomination himself.

“Death is here. Death is us. This Gathering of preserved souls neither lives nor has found truth death, and by our hands, we will welcome them home with us.” The Abomination stopped to survey the area from which they occupied. The Agitators hissed and cackled in abundance; the cacophonous symphony of villainous discordance.

He continued. “Heed… we must go unseen and on my signal, we orchestrate their demise. And listen to me, you sons of Belial… I will oversee the everlasting murder of what’s left of your rotten soul if you dare step out on me. My command is your gospel.” He sneered and slithered his poison tongue past his lips.

In that instant, not even a vapor of the lot of them remained. Concealed in the trees above and lurking amidst the rock, their ominous presence though hidden, could be felt by all in that city park, in all its vastness. The Abomination tweaked the sun for added effect, as he thrives in darker territory.

One by one, members of The Gathering descended back to the park. All were sorrowed and consumed with bouts of melancholy, unsure of anything anymore. The heavy evil that surrounded them began to manifest itself in their beings, stirring up foul enemies ambitions like the spirit of suicide and the spirit of murder, all of which were hovering meters from where they stood. The Abomination, became aroused at the evil that emanated and viewing the response his ghastly fumes had upon these undead souls. He slowly rubbed his thumb and forefinger together, instructing his swarm to whisper quiet lies which they did, like a thousand snakes hissing at their prey.

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