Buried Yet Breathing22.

In the Greater realm…
A mighty uproar is accumulating in the Greater Realm, at the epicenter of Kingdom Come. The Promise Keeper, infallible in every way, is outraged like never before. Plans set and destinies written are being overturned and those guilty of pushing their own agendas need to be stopped. The creator of all peered down upon the scene unfolding on his earth. With furled brow, His divine anger manifested itself like a roaring fire rampaging its way through the driest of brush.

The Promise Keeper’s crystal countenance continued to look downward, watching the chaos of evil unfolding. A second being sidled up to Him and peered out the window alongside his master as he spoke. “All they had to do was wait. And now this?! He most definitely carries that tenacity you saw in him, my Lord.”

Paling in size to The Promise Keeper, Chamuel was a presence himself. One of the select few to step foot in The Keepers chambers, he wore decoration high as his chief officer, head of all The Peace Keepers. His mighty wings folded on his back twitched ever so slightly as his desire to fight and punish spurned him. Long, lush, thick braids of heavy hair adorned the middle of his sprawling back. His piercing green eyes squinted to make out The Unredeemed poised on attack and influencing The Gathering with deception.

The Promise Keeper’s delivery spoke to Chamuel in the deepest manner. “Unfathomable is the degree of sin these that originate in my image. Though no longer man, they still carry this burden of wretchedness. They long for life? All they shall ascertain is death eternal!”

“Amen, my Lord. What is thy bidding now?” Chamuel’s gaze remained locked forward as he communicated with his maker.

The Promise Keeper wiped a tear slowly from his cheek and exhaled long. “I shall turn my gaze away for I will not allow witness or support to this abundant wickedness. Mark my words, Chamuel, I will not let this day be forgotten. Justice will find them removed forever.”

“As always, my God, you can rely on me. I need not assemble our contingent for I will serve up their heads to you at the hour of your choosing.” Chamuel was given the right to be vengeful and his demeanor always represented a vicious, assertive brutality that could not be paralleled. He thrived on doing his masters bidding and his passion for punishment, whether execution or stern chastisement, was animalistic on many levels. The only difference of him and his enemies was that he served the right king. Other than that, he did whatever it took to lead, destroy evil and bring peace to those that deserved it.

He launched himself through an open window in The Glass Tower, which served as The Promise Keeper’s solitary chambers, which he rarely possessed. Wings fully outstretched and arms at his sides, he shot like a bullet straight down at speeds unimaginable. Such a magnificent sight was he, as other Peace Keepers stopped what they were doing and glanced up at their mighty luminary. A legion of followers flew up to meet him, desiring to soar the heavens alongside him but he lifted his hand, signifying to leave him be. The discouraged lot fluttered to the ground, still intent on watching him up amidst the clouds of Zion.

Back on Earth…
The Abomination and his Unredeemed leave the scene. Back through the portal, to the gates of Hades, they return home. With evil stirred up, thoughts planted and plans of destruction laid out in the minds of those they aim to destroy and devour, they rest easy. Time and time again, the process has been so simple: prey on the minds of the weak long enough to leave such an imprint that they don’t need to physically continue to taunt and control. The weak ones destroy themselves. This is a design hand crafted by The Abomination himself that relieves his blood thirsty minions of effort and leaves their victims with only themselves to blame.

Peter surveys a busy street at the end of the park, searching for whom to inhabit. The Gathering watches earnestly, unsure of what to expect. A deep sense of fear seizes them as they bear witness to a ghastly scene nothing short of horrifying…

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