And the dual inhabitants were much, much more confused and therefore reached out in maleficence. In many cases, the lost soul would subdue the alpha soul and subsequently attempt to control the host, with the same result as the single spirit hosts.

They worked with what they knew. The major difference was that the alpha soul would allow itself to be bound for long periods of time. There could not be any complete domination, either way, whether alpha or lost soul. Turns would have to be taken and this was not ideal for either.

The alpha would break loose and reconnect with the host, bringing temporary common sense to the body as the brain could make sense of things. Then the alpha soul would give attempt at binding the lost soul, strangulating him and beating him down while he continues to try and run the show. This wouldn’t last long as the lost soul, having zero to lose, would disconnect the host and the lost soul would fight like hell to subdue the alpha.

And on the outside, visual to the world, total chaos was played out without mercy. The host was malignant with a cancerous plague causing extreme confusion, loss of senses, loss of brain capacity, uncontrollable bodily fluid malfunctions and speech so bad it became an un-language. Without a soul’s alignment, the bodies fell to an evil pull. In a word, they became monsters. Vicious attacks on women and also children… anything weaker than themselves they honed in on, as though now programmed to kill.

Not only kill, but disembowel while alive, or impale, or decapitate… with bare hands. The span of three city blocks became a bloodbath and anyone in breathing distance had their life snuffed out.

Babies were plucked from their strollers and were thrown up into third story windows, shattering not only the glass but the young life itself. A young teen was absconded and slammed down on a stake on a white picket fence, as crimson blood painted it to the earth. A young mother, carrying her baby, was approached by two men, bearing dual possessions, and had her head caved in by their boots. The baby also faced an onslaught of crushing kicks and stomps to one hundred percent of its developing skeleton. The blood flowed like a river.

A family of four was literally ripped apart. They were chased into a back alley by three bloodthirsty bodies, all dually possessed. Each parent was torn to shreds by hands and teeth, with chunks of flesh and veins ingested by these inane monsters. The children had their limbs violently removed, followed by broken necks, left in a pool of bodily waste and blood.

The carnage continued for hours. The tumultuous inner battles combined with the physical embodiment of all hell being unleashed on earth damaged The Gathering inherently. All was chaos, and this was not the plan that was set out for them. Life inside these un-bodies brought more evil to themselves and through themselves than they could have ever imagined.

A desperate soul ran after a screaming teen, arms flailing and gasping for air. He tackled her around the waist, forcing her face-first into the dirty concrete. All her front teeth shattered on impact. With a knee on the small of her back, he took a handful of hair and smashed her face repeatedly into the ground. The screams turned to low growls and pants for air. And when the grunts ceased and her spirit fled her shell, he continued to crush the remainder of her face.

No one else in the vicinity remained alive. Inhabitants of The Gathering wandered aimlessly, with no more prey to kill. They knew better than to kill off the bodies of their own, so through pools of blood and pile after pile of tortured flesh and bone they walked, oblivious to any form of reality.

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