Meanwhile, on the cusp of Hell..

Just beyond the vast, enflamed gates of Hell, The Abomination stood, with great anticipation coloring his dark face. His eyes blazed with lust and his heart with greed for the new souls arriving at his everlasting domain.

Each soul was embraced violently by a member of The Unredeemed as they came through the quiet vortex connecting Earth to Hell. The lost sensation of being removed from your body, then sucked up into a noiseless vacuum of white, only to be discarded by any hope and into the clutches of evil eternal. No turning back.

This was the cusp of Hell; the lip that hovered in front of the entrance to the pit. All fresh and condemned spirits of earthly bodies were summoned here and held by The Agitators until clearance granted by none other than The Abomination himself. A period of time felt like eternity but in reality, only a day.

A time of sheer and utter terror; torment unequivocal. The cusp itself was a shield of intense radiation, as though each soul was connected to an extreme high voltage of electric current. The charge felt like it tore them apart. They wailed and wept for mercy, only to be laughed at by the malevolent spirit gripping them and teasing them.

Each soul was bound, hands and feet, by slithering, venomous snakes. Twisted ‘round their wrist and again around their ankles, as the heads of each serpent repeatedly lunged at their arms, legs, hands and feet. Sinking their teeth deep, then shaking their serpent heads, gnawing on new kill.

They were lined up as they came in. Bound then programmed to have their entire life of sin play out in front of their eyes. Tears of pain and embarrassment gushed from red eyes. Scenes of lust; scenes of crime; scenes of murder… every devious second was logged and recorded and now streamed freely.

The Agitators had access to these visual highlights, as well. One man watched in horror as the murder, though he claimed in self-defense in court, played out in graphic detail, almost in slow motion. An Unredeemed spirit leaned in toward his left ear and whispered ever so boldly. His lips curled into a demonic smile upon delivery, “I am the spirit Murder and I was there with you that day. I told you to pick up that ax, just the way I speak to you now.” He laughed deeply and slapped the suffering soul hard on his back.

A female spirit viewed, in absolute horror, her life, whilst The Agitator guarding her draped his arm around her, caressing her upper arm, claws half-extended. Scene after scene unfolded, as though the loop itself skipped, but neither did it skip nor was there a loop. Her repeated sins of lustfulness, played out for her like a movie, made her wish for death.

But death would never come for she was beyond life. There is no more death as she knew it. What she did not fathom is that she will spend eternity doing exactly that: dying over and over and over and over again. The Agitator burst into hysterical laughter and called more Unredeemed spirits over to watch her feed.

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