It’s been over a month now since I wrote anything original. Been blogging my book, with a few recipes thrown in for good measure, but all stuff previously written. To tell you the truth, I’ve been a wee bit nervous at the thought of what do I have to say on account that I’m still feeling somewhat in turmoil over what’s looking like a failed marriage. I’m bothered by it daily, like unholy flies buzzing around my head in full-on cartoon fashion, whispering sadness and swirls of questions and just downright pain. But such is life and we barrel through.

As I’ve touched on in the past, our brains are so magnificent in that whatever we set them to, we can accomplish. That being said, our minds also allow a marker to be set signifying certain things (or anything, for that matter), one of them being a new season. Literally, no. Figuratively, yes.

You know when they’re due. The season of hard work. The season of new love. The season of change. And the list doth perpetuate.

And in these seasons, we have a very definitive start but most often times, it just continues and doesn’t necessarily have an expiry date or a completion time frame. These seasons often overlap each other and nobody seems to mind.

I guess they’re ultimately about change. About leaving items A through D at the door and pursuing what is perceived to be behind door number 2. I’m not suggesting we fool ourselves at times beginning these seasons but in all honesty worse has happened. To mean well and fail is not the most heinous of mortal sins.

In this new season I have recently stepped into, all bets are on. Great change is at work and this time I am held accountable so I am able to have any progress tracked by not only myself. Certain selfish and stupid ways are out the window this time.

The path is set. The time is now. The secret weapon no longer to be concealed.

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