Off in the distance, perched way up in the tall, white Oaks, lie The Abomination on his side with a hand propping up his head, among the long, thick branches.

Defilement sat on a lower branch, within earshot. Their dark gaze was fixed on the playful Peter and Savannah, now both eight years old, birthdays within days of one another. They watched them intently and without any notification of their evil presence.
Their whispers were undetected to the children down below.

The Abomination spewed venomous rhythms of meniacal song. “Such delight I take in watching these two at this young age, so knowledgeable of their calling yet completely without clue of their fate. Great acquisitions, they will be.”
Defilement sat quietly, as though processing his master’s words. “Allow me, my lord, to put the fear of all Hell into them. They run. They tumble. They draw toy swords and battle unforeseen enemy. Let my presence regress them.”

“No. Do you not see all children battle the invisible and play violently each and every day that we are on this forsaken planet? These two…” A sinister smile crept over his deviant face mid delivery. “These two are not to be touched, nor provoked like the others. You see, these children are born with extreme promise embedded in them. The stench of The Promise Keeper is all over them, though unbeknownst to him, the ultimate plan is mine in his failing notion of victory.”
Defilement looked at the Abomination with squinted slits of eyes, clearly completely lost in what his master was outlining.

With disgust, the Abomination continued, using his scaly hands for emphasis. “Must it play out for your own wretched eyes for you to grasp the things of importance I am imparting to you!?” The Abomination lunged at Defilement, grabbing his long braid in his hand and jerking his head backward. He spoke only inches from Defilement’s nervous face. “At the correct time, their earthly bodies will expire and they will one day rise up and be masters in heaven, untouchable to us forever. They will be exalted above our old friends, the swine he calls Peace Keepers. But! My dear, age old demon friend!”
With Defilements face in the Abominations cold hands, he whispered, “Circumstance will distract these two chosen ones and there will be such a calamitous, wondrous harvesting of souls that will flow like a sea into our gates and it will be the most glorious day we’ve never seen!”

Defilement smiled and said, “Yes, my master. Now I have vision to see.”

Meanwhile, up in the Greater Realm…

Through the great window in the back of the throne room, The Promise Keeper peered down, summoning Chamuel with his mighty hand. Chamuel quickly came to his master’s side, and after looking at The Promise Keepers face and gaze, Chamuel turned his own gaze to the vast window.

The exact scene played out for them. They saw Peter and Savannah as children, laughing and playing deep in that wood. But their vision was greater, for they also laid eyes on the two ghastly creatures hidden in the trees, plotting their hunt.

The Promise Keeper spoke quietly, while Chamuel kept his gaze honed in on the forest. “You know the plans I have for these two younglings, my great Chamuel. Especially Peter.”

“I do, my king. I do. But surely, also strong are the plans of the enemy?” Chamuels eyes looked directly at The Promise Keeper.

“Indeed, and all the foul hell spawn combined will do their best, but none shall dismantle the fate destined for my Peter. You must always enforce this, do you understand?” Blue flames rose up in The Promise Keepers eyes as he peered deep into Chamuels, and his voice loudened to a deafening pitch. “Protect the journey, no matter the obstacle. I will not even allow death to thwart what I have set into action decades ago. See to it!!”

With knees trembling, Chamuel bowed before The Promise Keeper, with hands flat on the floor to prevent himself from falling over. “Yes, my lord. The task, I accept and will honor you in rendering it my utmost priority, until the day I am relieved of this eternal duty. Thank you, oh god.”

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