She wavered, though for a second but seemingly a small eternity in her mind. And the glance that followed.. he could have called it had he been that kind of man. What can happen in the blink of an eye is never to be overstated and is too often missed. These are the most important milli-moments of our lives. One cannot backtrack to see all the misses. We can only consider ourselves way more observant from this day forward.

In the now resides the glance. The way she flips her hair or plays with it. She licks her lips. Fidgets. Breathes basically. Anything less she does, the more she’s into it.

Then there’s the machine gun texts. If I blink, I’ll miss the most important thread ever. It’s all ultra meaningful; the little things that let me into her world. No one keeping score, just full-on attentiveness. Hot blue waves of electricity shooting back and forth, as though set in a perma-ricochet loop, each bounce feeding the supply.

With that strong connection, everything moves double time. I know not a thing of literal foundation building but I can imagine it’s an awful lot like the metaphorical one which I am far more adept at. I can remember these moments in memorable relationships that actually went anywhere and it is times like them that I yearn for again. Thrilling, enticing, emotionally bridging, beautiful. As though only two exist. Two soon to become one.

Back to that glance. She chose you. And that’s all that matters. You’ve got this. You are in love! It’s perfect! You have promised each other in quiet of the coldest night imaginable undying love, from this life to the next. There is no world outside. No one else. Only us and we are one. Unbreakable and marked in the presence of God himself.

And so it goes. Never to be alone again. The marvel of marriage. Something I will never know.

But I remember the eyes. And those warm, almost heavenly exchanges of what seemed like genuine love. And I was a part of it. That is what I have to remember.

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