“You. Without direction, you did not do well, did you? How did you lead? By killing innocence, altering planned deaths and confusing eternal destinations, when I had all aligned from the beginning of time? Was that your battle to wage? Are you the Keeper of Promises?”

With that last statement, He rose off His throne and took a step down towards his prey. “Patience is a virtue and virtue is not your friend.”

The Promise Keeper broke his focus on Peter and raised his right hand, palm open towards the rest of The Gathering. Immediately, each restraint was released and all fell to the cold floor. A silver force field was then ignited, providing one big containment cell for all other captives.

Members of The Gathering crawled towards and hugged one another, quietly sobbing and exhausted. Chamuel called for other Peace Keepers to be on hand, via a digital panel on his wrist. Within seconds, a small legion of angels surrounded the captives.

The marble floor began to shake. Lightning shot forth from The Promise Keeper that ricocheted off the walls and circled the auditorium. His volume rose as he spoke. “You unleashed murder and altered eternities for two hundred and eleven souls that were preprogrammed to not yet leave their earthly bodies and therefore, you, who should know better than anyone still living, will be cast into eternal flame forever to suffer as the lost do. You did not choose me; you followed your own way and must therefore be separated from me for always.”

Terror pulsated through The Gathering, now on their feet with new found strength. Some cried out, for they knew this judgement was reflective of them as well.


With each outburst, a Peace Keeper unloaded a round from their guns; lime green rays of stun gun, disenabling the subject to have any use of their limbs or speech for minutes.

The Promise Keeper never skipped a beat. “You were all chosen! Handpicked by me to ultimately lead the most elite division in heaven, my playground, of the most brutal warrior angels I have ever created. To instruct and to transfer the skills you all have yet to realize I have implanted in you.

As Generals of the most prestigious legion of my Peace Keepers, you would have been eternalized with the greatest of honors.”
He turned and returned to his great throne, standing in front of it. With arms raised, he said, “But again, I say to you… you chose wrong. For what was in front of you, you chose calamitous failure.”

His gaze lowered to Peter, then to the floor beneath him. “And now you will fall and tumble and burn forever and ever in the bottomless pit where I do not stand foot and cannot help you. Amen, this is your end.”

All went black and all hope vanished in the blink of an eye. Some of The Gathering closed their eyes tight, not wanting to see the sights that lay before them of eternal damnation and torment without end. Others cried out, including Savannah, in sobs of desperation. Abandoned by the only one who could save them, the ultimate emptiness and sadness crashed over them like a wave that would only pull them down and hold them.

“Wait!!!” With every fiber of his being, Peter cried out in extreme desperation to save them all from eternal damnation. “Master! I implore you… let us make it right. I beg of thee… allow us this last chance to honor you. You’re right, Lord. I deserve obliteration and separation from you for eternity. My impatience brought us here. I failed to lead what you provided me with. I failed you and for that I am forever repentant.”

Peter took a deep breath then proceeded. “The Peace Keepers can escort us to the gates of hell and we will retrieve the souls engulfed-too-soon. I will deliver them back to you and make right where I have made such wrong.”

A dim light cut through the rich darkness, exploding its sheer cool, blue fluorescence, giving sight to all. The Gathering had all found their way to their feet and Peter remained in reverence on his knees before the grand throne. Peace Keepers surrounded Peter, unsure of how this would play out. With swords drawn, they stood their ground.

The Promise Keeper sat on his throne, staring deeply at Peter, with light emanating from everywhere. “Rise.”

With shaking knees and trembling arms, Peter slowly made his way from the marble floor to standing fully upright, mere stairs separating himself and the Creator of all.

What felt like an eternity of roaring silence, all with baited ears, The Promise Keeper gave His response. “This is my will, imparted to you.” He reached out his hand, open palm towards Peter whom which momentarily convulsed with eyes shut, receiving download from on high. In the brief moments that this began, it ended abruptly with Peter opening his eyes.

“You have heard. Now, go forth unto the rim of the abyss and bring back what could soon be eternally lost in scalding flame.”

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