Tomorrow marks 28 days sober, or four weeks which means Christmas Eve will signify one month.

Now let’s clarify.. in that time frame I did drink. On around the middle to end of the second week I did forcibly indulge. I experienced a time of craving and I managed to convince myself I should try it, as though it was something I missed.

And let’s be fair.. that’s exactly what it was but it came out of nowhere. I had done just fine the other 11 or so days prior so why all of a sudden? I had no reasoning and I had no back up plan to combat a glitch on day 11 so I made the trip to the liquor store and guiltily made a purchase.

When that hour was upon me and it was time to dance with my devil, it.. had lost its sting. Its power had been removed. I literally forced myself to consume that first one. The taste was disgusting. It made my stomach feel nauseous though I continued, slowly, onto drink numero deuce.

And that was equally nasty, plus I wasn’t at all enjoying the one thing that always drew me in.. the buzz. Shortly thereafter, I went to bed. Normally I would have had my 6 doubles. But it seemed like I have truly overcome this poisonous habit!!

This happened twice more. Honestly, I have no clue why. I was met with the same results. I’m over the taste and it is no longer for me. I just need to work on reinforcing that I am done. Not having it ready to whip out.. life seems a bit duller, to be honest and I need to see past that lie and continue moving forward.

It’s a path I cannot stray from, even if I tried, which I have. There is no turning back. And I couldn’t be happier or freer.

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