Make Christmas Great Again.

It’s Christmas time in the city.

And also in rural truck stops like Diddlesbury, Alberta, my Christmas destination.

Christmas is a time of family, food, eggnog, the birth of Jesus, food, presents, time off work and food, not necessarily in that order. It is an event of giving as it is receiving and we that can afford these simple to extravagant gifts are extremely blessed.

Those of us that have loved ones at arms length are even more blessed. This time around, I have my children, which is always pretty much the norm and its all I can ask for. Three previous Christmases, I had my wife with me as well, but this year she’s decided to live in sin with a married man and so be it. Obviously God has something much better in mind for me and that I can accept.

I’m not someone who gets all stressed out this time of year. Granted, I basically never get stressed, I’m the chillest person I’ve met. It’s a total given. Life is too short to waste it being high strung and worried to the gills.

In forty one years, I’m here to say Christmas, like life, is what you want it to be. Sure, people get down and out, then they blame this or blame that and often become stuck in one never ending loop of negativity. This can take effect with the holiday season as well. Allowing oneself to go into excessive debt, stressing about the big day and all that lead up to it. Or even on the flip end of it all.. those that actually can enjoy the whole package but then experience something possibly similar to post-partum depression over the expiration of the latest Christmas. Where did it go and why am I suddenly empty inside?

Make it great. If you can’t do that on autopilot then make a list and check it twice, dot some T’s and do a run-through. Identify your weaknesses and walk through them. If too much family terrifies the living peepee out of you then downsize and eliminate. If shopping in large malls with large bustling crowds gives you the heebie-jeebies then either do your shopping online or do it in April.

If you can hang and even get some enjoyment out of it but find you have nothing to live for as of 8am Boxing Day, plan a day trip somewhere fun or have a stay in bed all day extravaganza. We all love those, and they never happen so friggin indulge.

Ultimately, the season itself is about peace on earth (and peace all inclusive in every aspect!). I myself have it but in the same sentiment that no one is perfect, I have my own drawbacks, this year being my own wife being awol. Things slightly tainted, but overall our Christmas time is grand.

With a full belly and surrounded by those that matter most to me, I will fade into unconsciousness and alas will wake on what has been touted as the most wonderful day of the year. Merry Christmas.

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