Life, hey. The classically revolving rollercoaster of love, sadness, hope and eventual death. You gotta love it.

One minute, you’re all sickly and told you may (or may not) have cancer; the next, you’re told that throat surgery is in fact an option that will not only cure my “extreme” sleep apnea but all of these other dangerous symptoms I’ve been experiencing for years as a direct result of the apnea. Let me backtrack a touch.

A few years ago, I was making the hour commute home from work and I woke up driving in the ditch at a good 80 clicks. I hit an embankment, went airborne then came to a dirty, screeching halt. The vehicle and I were strangely intact but it was quite the eye opener, pun fully intended. Shortly after this ungodly experience, I was diagnosed with not only sleep apnea but extreme sleep apnea. Non stop snoring and non stop choking all night, every night, to the point of ceasing to breathe.

So I got the machine and I couldn’t handle it. The mask made me super claustrophobic and I found myself focusing on trying to breathe properly, NOT sleep. I gave up and have been living the past few years as diagnosed but untreated.

Meanwhile, issues are worsening for this guy. With the recent allergy/cancer scare, my red blood cells as well as white and my hemoglobin also are all at spiked levels and they remain there. High blood pressure, to boot. The internal medicine doctor, a very attractive Dr Boscan, met with me yesterday to discuss the current status of me. Certain possibilities like a tumor were crossed out and ultimately all things point to the sleep apnea as the culprit behind all of these elevated levels inside me and this discovery is a great thing.

Typically, I’d be annoyed right now because from what I was always told surgery in this case is not an option. What I had to look forward to was trying the stupid CPAP machine again, every night, for life. I get it.. it’s a literal life saver and many people benefit from it. I, however, cannot deal with it.

And luckily now, I don’t have to worry about it as surgery is in fact not only an option but something she feels I am the perfect, qualified candidate for. This is fantastic news, humans!! No more snoring! No more choking awake! Increased energy and rest and for the first time in forever I will have proper oxygen circulation in my limbs! And all those unhealthy levels lowered equals way less wear and tear on my heart and other organs! Sign me up.

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  1. You might want to try the Tap Pap nasal mask if the surgery doesn’t work out. It’s the best I’ve found for simple and unobtrusive. Designed by actual users of CPAP machines.

    1. Give me a quick run down of what it is if you don’t mind, Ellis

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