Tonight will be my daughters’ first live NHL game and we are all quite excited. Why it’s taken this long to take them, I guess the only answer is priorities. No one in this household are sports fans on any level so that could explain it. Used to feel like I couldn’t afford certain luxuries either so now being in a more stable place financially bada boom, tonight is a go.

Nothing like a live concert or sporting event, even for the lesser sports enthusiasts. The excitement in the air, not to mention that scent of hot popcorn mingled with stale nine dollar beer. The roar of the crowd. The back and forth action. And all through the eyes and ears of two very special little girls.

Took them and my son to see the film The Greatest Showman the other day. Besides the point but I don’t know how this flick went under my radar but wow, seeing it late matters not as it is an absolutely fantastic movie on every level. The joy I received, not only from the movie, but from looking over from time to time at my daughters to catch a glimpse of them beaming, dancing in their seats and just completely absorbed in a beautiful experience. To see through their eyes.

Sometimes I wish I could see everything through their eyes. They aren’t toddlers but their disability allows them to just be so… new. Innocent. In the moment. Maybe it has nothing to do with a disability. Maybe they are just naturally the sweetest. Whatever it is, there is nothing like them.

I stepped out last night for a coffee date. Gone about an hour, tops. What do I come home to? “Daddy, we missed you so much,” followed by hugs and kisses. Most of the monotony of my life, I do take for granted, I’ll be the first to admit. But moments like those, and sometimes it’s a daily thing, I stop and let the love in. The warm fuzzies, as it were.

There is nothing like being loved. Feeling adored. There have been those that have given up and walked away, and then there are these two little angels whom I couldn’t lose their love if I tried. Some too have failed them and broken their innocent little hearts but they know daddy would never. And it’s that comfort that allows them to be so innocent and thriving. Thank you, Lord.

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