They say alot of things. One of them could be that opposites attract. Another could be it’s gay to enjoy the movie The Notebook. Some might even say that you get what you wish for. If that one were true, then I must have wished for a clone of myself but with all female features, like, 100% because that is what I got.

I’ve never known a female counterpart to be so close to my personality, sense of humor, general way of life and even a fellow writer, to boot. It’s quite the feat. Not to mention her title of mother is more than worthy with rugrats of her own as well as working with other like minded midgets, as this guy did many Mondays ago. The similarities are uncanny and I am completely swooning.

It has been a slow build. Investing in one another emotionally and precociously has been rewarding unto it’s own. But this is no business transaction, folks. It’s the joining of two people at its purest level, and bi-level for that matter as we are building up as much as across. As the late, great Sarah McLachlan once belted “We’re building a mystery”. And the Mystery Machine from Rooby-Rooby-Roo has nothing on us.

I’m falling for this maiden, though I’ve yet to witness her iron. I mean technically I’m married but I guess that officially dissolves in like 6 weeks so the curse of that shan’t bother me anymore.

She makes me happy. She makes me laugh, like, til the tears are streaming and my face is temporarily paralyzed. She provides comfort. She supports me like I’ve never known in relation to just being there for me. She is what I need and the timing is astounding.

This is the time I am living in. New career, new screenplay and last but definitely not least my new girlfran. Things are looking up for this two legged pup.

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