Life equals noise. I could stop there cuz I mean, it’s the gist. But what kind of douchebag blogs a three word posting? Not this doucher. Nuh uh.

There’s no escaping the headaches. Even in, what would seem a sweet, peaceful nap, dreams still harass us. At works, there’s noise. At the gym, noise. At home, there’s a lot of noise. Sometimes even when I’m writing, there’s noise in my head, though I spose usually the welcome kind but still..noise. Often when I play the drums, guess what? Noise. Beautiful, throbbing noise but noise nonetheless. Have I said noise enough? No-ise.

What about in reading? Watching a movie? At church? At a funeral? At the dentist?! At the gynecologist? In the garage? In a coma, hmm? On vacation? At a sporting event? In the mall? At the library? Noise.

Maybe it should be a comfort thing. It’s a constant. Similar to the sun rising. Similar to summer arriving, or Christmas. Should we embrace the daily and nightly kerfuffle instead of wanting to escape it, even in knowing there is no such thing?

I don’t want deafness, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t wish that on my bestest enemy. (Why do people say worst enemy? Obviously, if they’re that bad, and number 1 in the field, then that makes them the best). I don’t want tinnitus either. I like my hearing just the way it is. But is there something that can be done about all this noise?

I guess it’s all about being accepting of it, like a leper or a transgender. Is that what this is? The more PC we get, the quieter the hubbub is? I somehow doubt that but hey, it could be a thing.

At the end of the proverbial day, we can’t shut it off. Just like my vision or my taste. Equal to my sniffer or my sense of feel. I can blindfold myself because I can’t stand Angela Landsbury movies, but why? I can carve out my tongue cuz I don’t like cauliflower but, huh?

You don’t like something? Deal. Move on. We all have our preferences. Doesn’t mean we have to indulge in the stuff we don’t want. Whether noise or whatever. Right or left. We all stand somewhere.

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