Dennis Dofino Wants His 7 Dollars Back.

We all know a Dennis Dofino. Or we’ve been a Dennis Dofino. Some goofy kid has lent us his lunch money and we have yet to pay the bugger back. Not because we can’t, but because we won’t. We never see him, only on Facebook. Always on Facebook. And he makes it known alright. “Where’s my seven, bro?” Or my personal fav, “You’ve had like 32 months, so where’s my seven?” He always refers to weeks when we could just say it in months. Dang you, Dofino. You’ll never see your seven alive. We have bigger fish to fry. So just get over it.

Ahh, life, though. A show of hands…who’s cut corners? Who has dealt a wrong when they could have dealt a right? You ever dealt it AND smelt it? All the same responses. Yep. Or oui, to the French layperson.

Some people call it karma the chameleon. Can’t remember if it was buddha collaborating with Boy George or was it vice versa? Either way, I get the idear. They claim you get what is coming to you, via the universe richoteting some cosmic charge and something or other.

Is it really possible to get away with a no-no, like completely Scott free? You don’t pay back your buddy and you wind up broke. You commit homicide and you get life in prison. There’s a price for everything. Always.

Or is there? I’m willing to bet a significant wager of lettuce heads that there are many serial killers, bank robbers and rapists living amongst us and “getting away with it” every day. You’d think psychologically they must “pay” for it, and the nerves of constantly wondering when will I get caught? But I disagree. I feel like it’s a game to them and they’re winning. Playing equals excitement, not stress and certainly not pay-back karma logic.

What about the abusive pet owners or just random teens that enjoy hurting animals? One day, do they face 30 rabid wolves and therefore pay for what they have done?

Interesting how revenge is such an enjoyable delicacy. It’s why we watch movies. It’s why we read books. It’s why, when we’re hurt, we look forward to that day where “they get theirs”. There is a sweetness to vengeance or being avenged that is indescribable. Something inside us all yearns for it.

And it being of the flesh, in our human condition, we are told to leave the vengeance to God. It can be hard to do but obviously the end game is getting doled out, no matter what you want to call it. Karma. Justice. Law. God. And it feels good.

So pick up that phone and Google your Dennis Dofino. Etransfer the debt and ask for his forgiveness. If you don’t, I can promise you, you will die a horrible death and within the next 24 hours. People are watching you.


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