We’re constantly getting let down in this world. It’s bad enough for a mellow, take-it-as-it-comes kinda guy like me but so much worse for that prudish and picky type. Rarely nothing is as anticipated and almost never are any level of expectations ever met in the least. Let me explain.

Chinese food is a constant fail and definitely on the top of my list, if said list did exist. Once in a blue moon, one of the four items you’re consuming tastes delicious and never more or all. One bite into each order and I’m like why did I get this, e’r time, including just now. The Shanghai noodles were oily, the pineapple chicken was okay and the sweet n sour pork made me think I must be eating dog, this time for sure.

Fountain drinks. They’re either too watery or way too sweet. Often its half ice and sometimes piss warm. Quenches a mans thirst but to what avail. I want my two dollars back.

Body temperature. Is it just me or is it super rarely ever just right? You know the driller…its too cold or it’s too hot. No blankets necessary plus a fan or 3 blankets and a hot water bottle (do those things even exist?). Shorts and a tank top or 4 layers and then some.

Amidst these black or whites, the kind of people you are around really exemplifies who you are in this realm. Let me explain. I’ll bite the written tongue of who specifically but someone I used to be around quite often was this kind of yin to my yang. As previously stated, I am a very chilled out cat and how more mirroring can it get than by being around someone high strung and who looooves to complain? In regards to body temp, to what food to eat, what movie to watch, what fun thing to do together…anything and everything was like my little complaints but amped up to a zillion. No in-between. Hashtag less caffeine. Hashtag excuse me while I go to the latrine. Hashtag wonder what’s on Mr Bean.

Honestly, figured I had more commonplace complaints but I cant really think of any others. I guess the consistent screw ups at McDonald’s though in going there way less lately, that probably is solving itself. Screaming babies in public. Hashtag muzzles rhymes with puzzles, people.

I consider writing a blog to be an exercise. I’ve approached them all methodically but I will adapt different approaches, allowing myself to feel fresh about what I have to say. Sometimes I make it a challenge and I’m filling in the blanks as I go. And in doing so, I hope to inspire others in finding something in common with what I’ve shared but also, I am constantly learning about myself through my writing. Or sometimes like now, just more so reminding myself of who I am and how I am, just in case I forgot.

And so, at the next finish line, I can say that I am grateful to be a laid back dude. Not without worry or care or responsibility, but my ability to live without intense weight on my shoulders in the day to day stands strong. Not hunched. Not worn. Not sleepless. But flexible and without many complaints.

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