“She’s Enough”.

My eyes had bled without your grace.
Undying witness to a life unquenched.
I was not informed of the plan.
The sights I’d see and the killing I’ve done.

The things I am capable almost all came true.
Never knowing I would end up right here with you.
And in the end of our beginning.
My life begins and ends with you.

I was always someone else, meaning better but not quite there.
Half man, half demon, all hurting
The swirls of dissatisfaction encased me.
Imprisoned by my own hand.

I never thought about you, also suffering in your own loss of plight.
I never considered what monumental insanity you were apart of
And I’m sorry I didn’t know
For I would have slain your giants for you.

I would have killed them all for you.
Broken necks and no good cheques.
The times of loss, though wrong the love.
I would have held you, bracing war.

Down in a hole, up to your throat.
Those times you barely stay afloat.
Where was I to leave you be?
Shouldn’t I have always taken lead?

It must be true that there was no other way.
My heart is there but if I had saved you all those times.
You wouldn’t be who I fell in love with today.
I would be disallowed the knowledge of you now and that would break my heart.

I love you, do you see this?
No matter what brought us here, we are here, now, together.
So we embrace the quiet for this is earned.
You and I. Nothing else matters.

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