The Racism of a Slurpee Consumer

I like a nice, refreshing Sprite slurpee on a warm summers day. To be honest, it matters not if the season is summer or if the weather happens to be warm, I still love a good slurpee.

I won’t lie, I do also enjoy a sweet coke slurpee, possibly equally. That delicious cola taste can’t be beat. But then again, lime is one of my favorites, too.

When my daughters get slurpees, they mix as many flavors in the cup as possible, maximizing on variation as though it were the very spice of life. I don’t normally mix and match in that style but the times I do, hey, no complaints here. A good slurpee never fails.

If I’m out buying bread, 90% of the time its white bread. I feel I developed this taste in childhood and its stuck with me here in my 42 year. I love it. My kids love it. But dangit, I also thoroughly enjoy a nice whole wheat every now and again. That flavour? Forget about it. Even a tasty rye bread once in a while makes me hungry for many a-sandwich.

Maybe I’m not a huge fan of raisin bread, pumpernickel or sourdough. Doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them. They’re obviously here for a reason and here to stay, devoured by many. Blame it on my tastebuds, I always say. But do I have ill will towards the flavors I don’t normally consume? No, why would I? Doesn’t make any sense.

It’s not every day I find myself out buying a car, believe it or not. My current bank account disallows me from living that flamboyantly plus it would be just morally unappealing. That aside, colors are pretty. For a vehicle, you would never see me choosing white. Can’t stand it. Black is a first. My current vehicle is a blue hue which I at one point thought hey that’s cool and now it’s like is it?!

But if I subscribe to one color and promote the heck out of it on a daily basis, does that show hatred for all other shades, hues and pigments? The only way I could include every color on my ride would be a rainbow of sorts and that would be the opposite of what I am going for here.

There can be a strong, yellow automobile but does it need to classify itself as exactly that? Why can’t it just be another vehicle on the road of life and considered a strong car? Why does the color need to be overwhelming it’s own natural identity?

A slurpee is a slurpee. Delicious.

A loaf of bread is a loaf of bread. Tasty.

A car is a car. Vroom.

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