I am constantly forgetting or in denial that I am just a shell and there is an inner being who is actually controlled by another being running what could be construed as my life and is calling the shots. Are you with me? Breathe in, breathe out.

I don’t fully get the beginning part but then I’m no rocket salesman. I assume there is some “soul bank” and at some point between the sperm fertilizing the egg and the shape of the babies body forming, a soul is inserted into this clump of growing flesh, nestled inside mommas womb.

And then life happens blah blah (the non-important part in this blog posting). Then the body/host/shell dies, that soul, that spiritual entity, exits the dead pile of skin and bones and goes where? I don’t rightly know. Some might debate these rough almost-facts and others will agree, roughly.

So, if this is how it works and we are who we are…who exactly are we? I can tell you who we aren’t. That person we see in the mirror. But…say what now?! Isn’t that me? Ain’t that you? If that’s not us, then who is that sexy looking imposter?!

Fact: our spirit is really us. Is that true? I mean if our flesh is merely the host, then our inner self, this spiritual being, must be me. You. Us. You can’t see me. I can’t see you. We can’t touch…or can we? Deep connection is most definitely a thing between spiritual entities. This is a beautiful thing, when used correctly. Used wrongly, and the wrong kind of spirits can intertwine themselves and attach to yours easier than apple juice leaving a molasses container.

So with that being established, let’s revisit this pre and post life thingy. If we aren’t this oily skinned matter, we are a spirit. And we didn’t just appear (for those big bang theorists out there, I have news for you…you are ridiculous). We obviously came from somewhere and will obviously go somewhere but where exactly is apparently up to you.

If we truly are these spirit beings, then those that believe when we die, we are simply bones in a box, well this can’t be accurate because our soul never dies and since we’ve established that we are not the skin and bone guy, then we are alive eternally. This is no shocker to alot of us but still fun to talk it through, for me at any rate.

So, if there was some initial soul bank, do we just get sent out yet again but in a different human body, like reincarnation yet, as a secondary human? This would seem odd, unless the maker of all souls did a “brain wipe” of sorts, allowing this used soul to seem fresh. Stupider than evolution. That can’t be it.

What if there are only two destinations for all souls (yes, you’ve heard of them). You either believe this is truth or you’ve somehow laughed it off as some joke. I’m talking about heaven and I’m talking about hell. If souls can’t be reused and if they cannot be killed, then these are the most viable places to end up forever.

I don’t know about you but heaven sounds alot more pleasant than hell. In fact, polar opposites couldn’t be more opposite. And this, right now? This life and the person you see staring back at you? Just like the movie The Matrix, this world is real to us at the moment but when it disappears and our human hearts stop, we will encounter the real true living world and we only need to do one thing in this pre-world to ensure where in the true world we end up.

Just like the pill. Choose wisely. But it’s not that difficult. It’s quite easy.

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