You know that feeling when you’re even the slightest bit hungry and tada, before you opens a box of fresh, hot pizza? The joy of your eyes and your nose, and soon to be your taste? The delicious comfort of it all? This is how I love her.

What about that moment you wake on Christmas morning, after all the anticipation? The treats of your stocking, the bounty of a giant breakfast and the joys of those closest to you feeling that equal pulse as they give and receive mini mountains of gifts? This is how I love her.

And let’s not forget that Friday night/Saturday morning feel as you leave work, knowing you won’t be returning for two full days and that feeling when you open your eyes in the morning and remember that you can do whatever it is your little heart desires? This is how I love her.

It isn’t an unfathomable love. It’s not something so fantastical that it sometimes feels unreal. That kind of love is hollow. It doesn’t fulfill. And it isn’t mundane in the slightest way. Though going on X amount of months, theres a newness to the interactions, whether in text, in words or in person.

It isn’t a needy kind of love. There are no demands. There’s no condemnation. You’re darn rights we have needs, just like you but they are easy to fulfill. She doesn’t have to ask me or need me to pretend to read her mind. I know when and what she needs and vice versa. It’s a beaut of a thing, if I do say so myself.

Obviously, I don’t want to make you, the reader, nauseated though I do enjoy expressing where I’m at in life, rare it be from a happy place. I respect you out there highly that have made long term work. It was something I thought was attainable in my second marriage but one of us threw in the towel. May she rest in piece (catholic cross, finger kiss).

Jen is my long term. No longer accepting new entries on my resume. Our foundation is made of diamond, the hardest substance on earth. Pretty friggin beautiful on the eyes, to boot, not to mention it’s worth is prit near priceless. There’s not a storm out there that can wash away what has been built. Nothing fast food here.

At one point, when the promises are made public and before God, there will be no fail. The embarrassment of last time failing has been washed away by the intensity and on target relationship I have with my Jen. She has fought to where she is in life, as have I. Through all the wrongs and over decades of crawling on broken glass, we can now stand strong together under the light of the One who leads us.

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