Laid in bed wide eyed for nearly three hours last night before a friend suggested trying melatonin. Popped two and washed them down with a bowl of frosted flakes around 130am. Next thing I knew, I was up to hit the bathroom around 3 and from there I slept solid until 8. Groggy as all heck. But pleased to be on day deuce.


I fully realize that this journey isn’t some cake walk but it must just be my shifted mindset because there is no quit in me now. I will not go off course. Such a shame that I had the worlds biggest cheerleader walking this trek with me and now those airwaves are dead. I’m hoping they can see the success through here, at any rate but if not, so be it. Today is my girls monthly IVIG treatment at the Childrens Hospital and my mother was nice enough to go with them this time. I will be leaving to meet up and pick them up in a few hours, leading into a chill supper and evening.


I don’t feel the need to further do this as a daily series. When I tried a week ago, it was the battle that I knew or thought I was fighting, and had minute-to-minute struggles etc worthy of documentation. But like I said earlier, a switch has been flipped. This is solely will power. I’m a freight train enroute and there ain’t no derailment. I will put in a weekly posting or a weekly side note in one of my postings, as to show I’m still on track.

Is it immature to think there won’t be moments of weakness and moments of disparity? Definitely. But I’m tackling this differently this time, with or without a support system.


The witching hour is upon me but it holds no power. I am no longer in chains to a master I do not wish to be serving. I am free. And this free guy will be warming up some leftover burger patties in a few here and will have some down time before bed. I’m excited to start a new job in the morning so hopefully sleep isn’t the issue that it was last night. This job is a perfect fit for me, I feel so blessed in where I am right now. Pressing on!

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