Lifestyle180: Day 5.

Today is the fifth day of my sobriety and the third day of my new job. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier.

Ok, that’s dumb, I instantly regret saying that because sure, I could be way happier but the bottom line is things are moving along quite well in my new realm of living.


Is it ridiculous to say that I’m loving this new job? Everything just seems like such a blessing lately and it must be the clarity. A great group of folks, time by myself, a bit of a workout and the time just flies. Feeling so refreshed and clear, its amazing. Day 5 is the furthest I’ve gotten: once a few weeks ago and then back in November.


Completely friggin exhausted. In a good way, if there was one. This job is fantastic in all aspects, though for a guy new to the workplace, it is somewhat draining. And before, I would yearn for a night of drinking as a way to unwind or de-stress, though ultimately it was winding me up in ways I didn’t know existed. Now, I’m good with a big ol’ snack and some down time then early bed. Old age (and normalcy) has crept up on me.


Exhausted times a hundred. Probably wasn’t the best idea to do a huge Walmart run and then go swimming but hey, I said it so it had to happen. Even now, the thoughts and cravings have been overcome. It’s actually kinda scary if I stop and think about it so why bother, right? The scariness is that I feel like I’ve always been a non-drinker. This here now isn’t weird, it’s normal. Which is super odd.

Yes, I plan on getting back to writing blogs about other things then my sobriety progress but for now, this is what emanates from me. Looking very forward to Saturday when I celebrate one week boozeless! This is really happening. This is really happening.

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