Friends, I’ve gathered you here together in this minuscule portal of the world wide interweb to say a few final words about the not-so dearly departed, Kristopher Kenneth Bobosky. He left us all at the mid-life mark, young in his mind but he was basically half way to the grave anyway so whatever. Welcome to his online funeral.

Kris lived a very mundane life. Born the baby of a typical white family, was he privileged? Sure, but did he know it? Nope. He never wanted to be who he was, this is the key is defining who he was… a man who wasn’t.

There would be glimpses along his lifepath of the person he knew he should be or could be but he struggled to escape who he was. Stretches were made to make the change to something greater but it never seemed to take. Had he a tombstone, it rightly should read “Stuck: An Untransitional Existence”. And this was the somber truth he lived with on the daily basis that life seems to be.

For decades of his forty odd years, he remained locked inside a prison without walls, a floor and a ceiling but an invisible one existing mostly in his mind. All childhood, he stuttered horribly. Unable to communicate like everyone else, he drew inwards and became quiet. In his late teens, he discovered recreational drugs and alcohol. In one sense they afforded him a needed sense of ease and in another, he leapt from one prison cell into another. He healed of the speech issue, but he barely survived his alcohol addiction. Only at the end, did he find the key to unlock himself but was it too late?

At the end, he was forty pounds overweight with puffy eyes, a tired demeanor and was prit near joyless, save the presence of his kids. Always his kids. He gave his heart and soul to them and they, in turn, loved him harder and deeper than he deserved. And the few times he gave his heart to another, to the ones that were worthy of his love, he loved fiercely and without abandon. He was all in.

And now, my friends, any and all sign of this man is gone. He has vanished from the face of the earth just as he appeared on it, many Mondays ago. I was the only one who witnessed his transformation but I can assure you he is in a much better place. He did finally succeed in becoming who he was called to be or that’s where he is headed anyway, and he’s never coming back. From the worm to the butterfly.

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