The Night My Butt Stood Still.

Seems like an impossibilium of irreverent proportions to say that there was a time that I did nothing. That is to say, I lazed in a daze and lounged around town. Maybe it happened but I highly doubt it for I am a very high performance, on the move, multi tasking kind of gent. But frickety frolic, I am beat.

These past couple weeks have been a non-stop blur of moving, more moving, working, more moving and some moving, mixed with some serious organizing, prit near breaking my foot and set up. It has been a time of no writing (jaws will drop) and a time of wanting daily to raise my hand and “Please, Sir. Whoever you are, I want no more.” But alas, I am a trooper. Heck, even a troubadour, to a certain extent.

And with that non-stop whirlwind just a whirlin’, I drop a pallet on my footsie and badabingo.. I’ve gone from 207 miles a minute to 0 miles a millisecond. Ice, rest and elevation or ‘IRE’ as I like to term it. And it’s difficult as all heck! It is extremely trying for a man of my given nature to simply put a hold on e’rthing and just lay. With a foot extended. Like a figure skater on a loveseat, so I ache. Like, it throbs something fierce.

And maybe this is my lucky break, y’all. I guarantee you, going as hard as I was, something had to give and give it did. There’s significant soft tissue damage but I must look on the proverbial brighter side: there was no fracture. I mean I could be hopping around like Deaner in Fubar with one of those boots for goodness sake. I can imagine the gas pedal sticking.

The living room still contains boxes from the move 2 weeks ago. Guess what? They gotta sit. The house needs at least a general cleaning. But guess huh? I’m not allowed to do it. Obviously I’ll be doing the important things like getting groceries, probably swimming and going to movies.. this is a no brainer. But with the swelling there is yelling. And with yelling.. there ain’t no telling. I’m serious.

So I’m going to need a few things from you, my friends, aka the readers. Warm fuzzy thoughts? Send em my way. Prayers? Also acceptable. Delicious meals so I don’t have to hobble in order to gobble? Most welcome. Other than that, just keep on reading. And heck, even share something you feel either encouraged by or sumsing you find slightly hilarious. Whatever the conundrum may be, I appreciate you all. All y’all.

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