We can’t help being disgusted by certain members of the human race, am I wrong? I’m not talking about the pathetic, current state of the liberal world and all the childish snowflakes everywhere.. don’t get me started. More so, I’m referring to people that come and go in our lives where after you’ve given them the boot, you stop and think, “Man, it feels good to be free!” Them.

You gotta clear the clutter. No, I didn’t stutter. If there are people in your contacts that you either can’t remember who they are or you haven’t communicated since you can remember, delete. Same goes with any and all social media cuz while you’re at it specifically searching for so-n-so, you’ll come across 4 more peeps that just don’t need to be on there.

Don’t let people become stragglers. I’ve been famous for this in the past. Someone comes into your life and all’s great then for one reason or 10, either you or they break it off. Time goes by and you start chatting again and next thing you know, its round two cuz now it’ll definitely work. Ya right. Don’t reconnect.

Learn from the past. A cheesy one at best but super important if you can pull this one off. Do things differently. Even a slight alteration can be huge. If you’ve approached a similar scenario 15 times and always reacted or moved forward the same way, take note and find a different path, even if it leads somewhere equally lame. At least you’ll be activating those neurons and creating new go-to’s of dealing with life issues.

Take the change to the next level. Once you’ve prit near mastered the art of leaving the past in the pasture, try applying these new response techniques to other areas of your life. Subtlety. If you religiously have to serve dinner at 5:30pm every night, spend a week preparing it willy nilly.. whenever. Take a different route to work for a few days, even if it means you gotta leave 4 minutes earlier. For a week, go to bed early in order to go to the gym before work instead of after. Mixing it up will temporarily throw you off but that’s the whole point here. In doing so, good things will happen. Guaranteed or your money back.

How does this all help with a current annoyance with someone? Kick them out then regroup, it’s pretty simple though takes work in applying. Bandaid removal. Just RIP that sucker awff.

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