What In The Actual Health.

Ever been at that point where you’re so bloody tired that you can’t close your mouth or your eyes and your entire person seems to be buzzing? Me neither. Asking for an enemy.

I need a vacation. Not from work. Not from my kids. I need a vacation from my current reality, and it best be a permanent one.

I used to say I’m out of shape due to a bad marriage I was in, and that was the truth, when it was going on. I’ve been spouseless for fifteen months so it’s not a wall I am allowed to hide behind anymore, though I do.

I’m not interested in “How did I get here?” My thing is digging my way out. Back to where I started. Then to rebuild. I’ve been a broken record for too long. Talking about hope, improvement, motivation, doing the right thing etc yet it seems like all I do are the wrong things.

So how does one get out of a dark, dank hole? I dug it myself so I am aware of how deep and wide it is and of the monsters that inhabit it.

Look at it as the monumental challenge that it is. I get that this is typically the last thing you should be in considering what you’re up against, as some immovable force but give it a whirl. The victory over it will feel so much better. When I quit drinking, I saw it as impossible but when I conquered it, I saw it for the weak little sniveling bully that it was.

Take out your monster at the knees. Find a weak point and attack. In my case, I need to lose weight fast and beat a handful of health problems, the quicker the better. My weak point is its weak point. I’ve become accustom to fast food, junk food, cola, lots of breads and the general lack of anything good. So I gotta cut it out. Just like that. Get accustom to not reaching for that pizza and what you want becomes attainable, with longevity.

Once you break down the walls, understand you can still eat cake. For me right now, it’s the mindset that holds the power. I gave it that power. Once I’m past the first steps and on to better eating overall, it’s all about the digits, friends. Please throw out all the silly gimmicks the world tries to sell you and simply watch your calorie intake. It becomes a super easy no brainer after like 5 days of doing it.

Stay the course. When I briefly relapsed from the sauce, I felt like I’d never get sober again. But when I did, I made a bold imprint on my dumb brain saying to always keep on track. Always. This is the key to basically every avenue of success, happy and healthy in this life. Find the right path and for frick sakes, do not fall off.

It’s all in our minds. Seems crazy and a cop out when we’re down and depressed and beaten and used to failure but it all comes back to us putting ourselves in cages. The cages or holes are easy to fall into, though as with finding a way out, they take time to renovate and move into.

Get out. Now. I’m going to take my own advice and climb out as well.

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