I, Kristopher Babinski, am about to enter a beautiful, scenic, golden doorway and on the other side of said door is the most lovely, gregarious, delightful idea known to man (and the human woman)… rest.

I have had sleep apnea (“extreme sleep apnea” apparently) for about 5 years now, possibly more. When diagnosed, I refused the CPAP machine treatment and since then my health has declined a fair bit. I recently went for another sleep study and lo and behold, I still have it, but worse! In one hour, I have 88 apneas. 30 is apparently bad.

And yesterday I got myself a brand new, shiny CPAP and the kicker is that I actually slept with it and yep, I feel amazing, minus some sort of nausea. This is a major breakthrough for me and it feels good. I’m easing in but in time, the high blood pressure, the high hemoglobin, the lack of o2 circulation, the extreme tiredness, will all be a nightmarish memory.

This, plus some intense weight loss (60 lbs) is the direction this lad is heading in. Running in, I should clarify.

I’ve procrastinated the embracing of health, ongoing sobriety, ongoing fat loss and a general restructuring of my mind, as well as body and soul. The sobriety remains true and now the other facets are lining up, giving me the go ahead to make this all a reality.

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