Sometimes you gotta look through another other set of eyes, folks and possibly often. I’m not talking about third party perspective on how and who you are, but on what you see to be reality in general. Take a walk with me and smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Any parent can agree, there’s nothing like seeing through the eyes of a child. Whether discovering something for the first time or soaking in a sight that you’ve personally not seen wrongly, but askew. Differently. For example, I had always yearned for the day to share certain movies that I’ve adored with my children and when that started happening 10, 15 years ago, it was a joyful thing.

Take my hospital stay the other day. My daughter Lexis had a procedure done just a week beforehand and when she awoke from her anesthesia, she was quite cranky and humorous in her stupor, though I guarantee you in her eyes she just wanted to be left alone. When I came to on my surgery day, I was quickly informed that I would have to stay for twenty four hours of observation. Maybe partially because previous to then, no one had warned me that might be an option but mostly, in retrospect, I believe it was the similar to my daughter’s stupor that created in me a sour, grinch of a patient. So much to the point where later that day I found it necessary to apologize to “Nurse Hitler/Ratched” as I deemed her on the basis that she had forced me to stay.

When the mental fog cleared and the day progressed, I was seeing differently. My perspective on her and my scenario had changed and drastically. Other nurses were offering me goodies and normal comforts others may not have been afforded and my visions of being held against my will had completely vanished, realizing they were simply doing their jobs. Sure, a little much in reminding me repetitiously that there were two fatalities this year of peeps that left their hospital, went home, collapsed and perished. Even though it was two out of hundreds or whatever, it still did resonate, especially through the clearer eyes.

Now that I’m home, the healing is slow and therefore I am cranky, way crankier than I imagined I would be. Yet through the eyes of another dude getting the procedure I just had done, he might be jealous of my being home while he is now trapped within those hospital walls. Perspective, everybody. It’s how we see things that in some instances can make or break us. Always readjust and seek secondary vision.

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