In Jesus Name… Goodbye 2018.

2018 has not been a good year for moi. In fact, it was one of the worst and I’ve had a pretty bad run so to consider this one that bad has to hold some heavy, murky water. A stifling kind of three hundred some odd days; the kind that some might not want to even talk about. Just bury it away with the other batch of failures as you choke it down.

Where does a guy begin? I mean I suppose at the beginning. Unemployment for nearly the first half of the year proved taxing, pun intended. Though timing wise couldn’t have been better as we received government funding for my daughters, praise the Lord.

And then there was found love. Hands down, the deepest, most connected version of it I have ever known. Distance was a factor yet she came to me, bless her heart, without complaint. And at its peak, it dissolved in a blink of an eye for reasons I am not at liberty to discuss, as it were. In my eyes senseless and terribly heartbreaking. The kind of bond that should never have been broken.

What else, what else. Oh ya.. health crap and plenty of it. But before that, besides the magnificence of brief love, we moved late summer from a house (not a home) into a smaller yet cozier and adored townhouse.. with a pool and hot tub. This might be the icing on my otherwise drab and sickly year. And yes, I am counting the days ’til the pool is reopened (151).

In the fall, there was the pallet to the foot incident which led to a massive, bloody infection which led to a new allergy which led to this guy going into anaphylactic shock. ‘Nough said.

And then there was my daughter and her spleen enlargement which led to borderline anemia and lethargy which led to the liver being the real culprit which resulted in a colonoscopy and a liver biopsy which included several nights and days in the hospital.

Oh, and then there was my umbilical hernia surgery which led to me becoming an a-hole to the nursing staff (briefly! And I apologized!) which led to a week later leaking blood and having massive otherworldly cramping which led to another hospital visit from hell.

And then my daughters eye became super red which resulted in her having the cold sore virus in her eye, all the while at the eye doc visit her nose won’t stop bleeding so we go to the Children’s hospital and three more hours later they stop it.

But wait.. there’s more! No, no there isn’t. If there was, I’d probably be legitimately dead.

And one mighty victory, I shan’t ever forget, which shall claim the title of “Best part of 2018” is my freedom from alcohol. All it’s chains, swooning of me and the vicious traps laden daily have all been vanquished and I am most proud to say this guy found full time sobriety amidst this dreadful year.

2019 will bring growth. Healing. Success with my writing. New, strong friendships. A band. Health for my girls. Further success for my boy. In Jesus name. Amen.

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