A Large Christmas With Extra Cheese.

Christmas is like pizza. Even if its not the best ever, its still pretty dang amazing. And maybe, just maybe, this could be your best one ever. Ingredients necessary: a giving spirit, a receiving spirit and a lil eggnog.

A close person of mine was recently quoted as saying “I just don’t feel the Christmas spirit yet”. I, on the other hand, have been feeling it all month, just like every other year. Anyway, it got my noggin thinking what is she lacking here? What’s the problem? What’s her stinkin’ deal?

And just like the nose on her face, it’s right in front of her. A good ol’ dose of mass panic consumerism. That was the missing factor. Simple like a dimple. She got in 2 or 3 days of the intense, wall-to-wall-people experience that malls can provide you with this time of year and now she’s like a robin red (& green) breast, chirping out carols like the best of them. True story?

I think church attendance also has something to do with feeling Christmasy. Not that I’m saying only go on that time of year to make your quota of churchy appearances. What I’m saying being around a larger family of sorts, as well as the focus shifting to things other than presents and food can really align and invoke the Christmas spirit. Realizing the “bigger than” factor is good for anyone.

And what about family? Ugh, I have done a Christmas or two with my offspring gone to their mothers and those were easily my worst holiday moments. Surrounded by those you love and those that love you, leading up to with all the baking, the music, the shopping and the anticipation itself is priceless, not to mention Christmas eve and day. Yes, back to the gifts but man, it’s genuinely always about seeing the joy of the others in your little circle unwrapping and enjoying, never about receiving. Not that receiving is bad, for when the role is reversed and those that you’ve had the pleasure of gifting can also feel those same moments. A grand exchange, yes?

And the importance of self-reflection is critical (pun intended as always) this time of year. Sure, reflecting pre-new years is one in the same but the point of this blog is to conjure as much Christmas spirit as possible so stay with me, people! Reminiscing since the Christmas past, are you one (or many) steps ahead since then? Have you back peddled? Been stagnant? I’m talking all around in general here.. body, mind and spirit, financial, relational, career wise etc. And regardless of how you answer, at this point it really matters not (though effective January 1st it matters alot, sucka!!). After quick self-reflection, you leave it on the ground before you, give thanks for the season and the true reason itself and you proceed, lighter and happier. I frigging guarantee you.

From my fam to yours, I wish you the merriest of December twenty fifths. Embrace the anticipation over this next day, smile a bit more, enjoy each magical minute on the morning of, eat like you just got off the Survivor “set” and yes, with extra cheese, hold those loved ones closer than ever before. Joy. Love. Peace out.

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