I stepped through a door that led me to nothing. A place I truly did not want to be. I couldn’t go back, I could only step forward. So without wind at my back, I shuffled my feet.

Didn’t know where I was going but I know what’s left behind. The comfort of it beckons though I cannot rewind. A load has been lifted, I feel lighter than air. But my eyes, under blindfold, find it awful to bear.

The beasts that are hunting are taunting my steps. Refusing engagement is what I do best. They whisper and nip at me on this current leg. With all I can muster, showing no signs of lag.

And further and further I get from this place, I realize the darkness is swarming my face. My legs and my ankles are buckling and weak. I have not yet made it anywhere close to the peak.

My feet tripping sideways, my mouth is not wet. The fear overtaking my soul with regret. My hands, they are grasping and swatting through twilight. Regression of choices leans me to the sidelines.

The scavengers catch up, their teeth are inside me. Ripping and gnawing and growling ferociously. Lifeblood in their mouths and my bones, their breakfast. Right there in the blackness, dying and hopeless.

Like mirrors, their dark eyes allow me to see. As I am ingested, I now can see me. The conscript, the ax man, the delegate warrior! There’s blood on the ground but it’s going to get gorier!

Like tiny twigs scattered with dirt on the floor, I snapped all their necks and I wanted some more. My wounds, they will heal though they will never erase. All beauty marks now as I pick up my pace.

I’m running the road now, the wind, it propels me. The journey still lengthy but the mission compels me. My enemies still see me though they know I am stronger. Bread for the victory, just a little bit longer…

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