“The Wall Inside Her Garden.”

There’s a wall inside her garden

Within dreams it hides her face

And the moment she is with me

Is the moment it’s erased.

She is trying to forget me

In her mouth, that sour taste

And she’s bleeding good intentions

This is only just a phase.

In her garden there’s a light on

Up where she can only see

From behind this wall of silence

She is looking out for me.

But she’s blocked me from her vision

Now she can’t communicate

So I sit and pray, the only way

The proper way to wait.

There’s a wall inside her garden

And it thickens by the day

Vegetation vines are choking

Her emotions, they betray.

There is something to return to

Should the stubborn die in vain

There is love forever after

Right here in the driving rain.

There’s a wall inside her garden

For my crimes there is no pardon

It appears her heart has hardened

In the wall inside her garden.

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