Me and My Birthday Suit.

Ever turned 43? I hadn’t until this morn, and not by choice. Some say it’s more amazing than turning 42. Others contest that its the worst feeling on the planet. And the vast majority says it’s, and I quote, “Just another mutha….ing day”. End quote.

There have been, I feel, a mostly wasted forty two years on my lifes resume. Peppered with some minor successes, I’m just talking big picture here. Time to improve? You’re darn flutin’.

There are a few rules I’m going to lock down during the remainder of my days. These are things I’ve known better about but have procrastinated or been lazy in reference to but here, at the ripe and lovely wise age of forty three, I can and will accommodate.

1. Stay permanently off the dating sites

I’ve been on and off these things for years and though I’ve met a few memorable people through it, I’m still single so my success rate on it is zilcho. Plus it’s a gigantic time waster and general distraction. To put it in terms more popularly used up until the early 2000s, it’s gay.

Besides finding way more important things to do with my time, real life is happening all around me. Point in case: I’m somewhat surrounded by beautiful women at work day in, day out. The opportunities beckon, if that’s what I’m into. Gonna keep my head up, not down towards my tele.

2. Get that bod back, boy

This goal has been talked about yet kept way at the back of my lifes closet for far too long. Five, six years ago, I had the bod I always wanted and then I let it go to pot. It wasn’t the pot I didn’t smoke, it was the booze and the McDonald’s, straight up.

The past two weeks, this guy’s been eating salads and more fruits n veggies than ever so I feel I’m already on my way. Throw in longer gym seshes, increase that h2o and my goals will be attained. It’s simple science with a huge grain of discipline.

3. Write like there’s no tomorrow

Besides keeping up with the blogging, this is something I’ve really slipped up in over the past year or so. Last spring, I started penning my first movie screenplay and I almost got to the end of the first act then let it sit. The desire is in me. I just need that vigilance back and it will come. In the meantime, I’ll force it cause both get the job done. I can’t call myself a writer if I’m not constantly emersed in projects. These are the facts, folks.

Moving forward, I have another surgery redo in the month they call May. Buddy’s going to go back in and remove the mesh and suck out any remaining infection. He has labelled me the 1%. Why does everybody else have zero complications yet I have to go through months of leakage and home care and now another surgery which equals missed work and pain? Who knows but I’m living it. (Food and donations accepted. Please contact my receptionist, Connie.)

Ultimately, all macabreness aside, life is good and things are looking up. It’s been a rough run in some respects with stuff out of my control but interspersed have been things I let get ugly and that needn’t weigh me down. I’m heavy enough.

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