She’s so beautiful.

Tussled and dreamlike.

Her hair spins in the winds.

As the pins in my shins relocate.

To my heart, pruned and hung.

Beaten more than beating.

She’s so perfect.

A touch of radiance divine.

Morning mist, moon kissed.

Freelance lovers

Of once upon a fantasy.

Let loose gravity.

Flung to the corners.

She was everything.

And I am without her.

Pouting and doubting.

Conception through death.

Bits and particles.

Puzzle dispersed.

A play we once rehearsed.

She is immortal.

Genesis without end.

Web is spun and neither won.

I shan’t forget.

The ashen brunette.

Melting memories splash and wade.

Nothing darkens.

Nothing fades.

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