The Pancake Shake.

I don’t consider myself a simple man though I definitely am not immune to simplicity. Take summer in Calgary, Alberta, for example. I do enjoy the warmth of the sun, the length of the days, the lake trips, the barbecues and I’ll stop there as there is too much to list. What am I currently fixated on and subsequently drooling over? Pancake breakfast July.

Life is good when you’re in line for a pancake breakfast and even better, with your daughters pullin’ up the rear. I don’t care how long the line or even if it’s raining. Ok, that kinda sucks but ugh, the reward is fantastico. One of the great things about C-town is the month of July. Not only is it officially the best season of the 2 (it’s Alberta, folks. I’m here all week), and it’s Stampede month but get this… they have like 7 or 8 (or more!) pancake breakfasts A DAY in this find of a city!

It was like Christmas had come early, and daily! I found myself on the website and often, documenting which one worked best for us the night before or if we could possibly make it to two that day. It was as though life was actually going to be alright. As though I found a little pocket of sunshine. As though the stars had indeed aligned and all evil was flushed away. And all that remained was the purity that is pancakes, syrup and sausages.

Some of them had musical numbers, none of which were very enjoyable but the ambience level rose as did the joy in our hearts. Some had children’s jumpy castles or interactive games that my girls could play right after we cleaned our plates. One even had people trying their best to stay vertical on pairs of stilts. They’d walk around and interact with the hungry line up, making some laugh and all smile.

With the variety of venues also came with a variety of menu’s. Mostly subtle change ups but some were altogether different. Some would have more cakes to offer and some might have larger sausages. Most had a watered down juice but sometimes you’d be given a juice box or mini-milk. I remember one place not only switched up the sausages for bacon, but they always offered scrambled eggs and plenty of ’em. Hash browns, too.

And so we wait, as though nothing in April, May or June had anything to offer. July is the money. July is when breakfast is all that matters.

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