Legally, the summer has yet to arrive but I’m all out basking in it like the basket case I am. Lately, it feels like it’s all that comes out this guys mouth but I’m so happy we have a pool and subsequently I am in it once if not twice daily, rain or shine. Barbecues? Fuggetabootit. If I’m not flipping meat on the grill like the late, not-so-great skrillex spins beats every other evening then put a proverbial spork in me ’cause yep, I’m doneski. But maybe there’s more to life than outdoor eats and cool, chlorinated body dips? Let us examine such ludicrous notions together.

I’ve never been a hiker. I once worked alongside a little guy by the name of Ico and he always referenced going hiking, often times tossing invites my way. I didn’t accept because I didn’t think I couldn’t hike but moreso because he annoyed the living mucus out of me and I refused to be caught dead or alive on Mount Vesuvius with that knucklehead, no offence. Alas, it is a thing which many folks partake in and I should probably get with that program.

Camping is something I do enjoy but never get around to doing, minus the traditional annual family camp in August with, you guessed it, the fam and many others fams. But me and the kids or a gf at the time? Not so much. There has been talk of us setting up our new tent in the backyard but I think the word procrastination has once again slithered its way into my plans or idears. A cool thing would be to get my hands on a camper or trailer unit ultimately, one of these dang summers.

Hitting the lake is right up there for fun in the sun just like a…blanket in the…winter, but totally and uniquely different. Last summer, we had access to Lake Midnapore and I’ll be the first to readily admit it was a refreshing delight! Sure, its not like I can’t pack up the family roadster and go to Gull Lake or the dreaded Sylvan Lake but there was something ethically delicious about having “your own” lake 1 minute from your front door. Summer of o eighteen, I miss you, you sweet little bugger.

Of course there are many other outdoorsy things to get lost in. Golf, cycling, lemonade stands, water polo, lawn darts, river rafting and the list intrinsically goes on. Something I need to honestly get better aquainted with is hammocking, or the fine art of, as it were. I like a good afternoon in a hammock, I mean, who wouldn’t? Boating is fun on any level, whether we’re talking canoeing, kayaking or dingying. All of the above I am religious about, yet never find the time to do them, go figure.

My point is simple: summer is almost over, in the sense that time flies and this statement will be actually true at some point. Get out and get about. By the way this world is tilting, this could be our last summer so make the most of it, not to be ominous or creepy or anything. Just saying.

Whip up that pitcher of iced tea. Defrost that t-bone steak. Take a weekend nap in a hammock or a chaise lounge. Crank up the barbie. And surround yourself with not only sunscreen but those that you love the most, even if its that weird guy asking for money outside Superstore. If you think you love him, by all means do summer activities together. Whatever floats your yacht. Or ya..outdoor yahtzee never hurt anyone. It will be over in the blink of the sink so just embrace it y’all. I already have it in a headlock and I suggest you do the same.

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