Her silhouette is all she ever had

Mosaic existence in caricature locale.

Dreaming vibrant illusions

Tear stained pillow her canvas.

Living life without title

Indiscriminate and alone.

Her shadow is blinding

Her backstory rewinds

Reset and resentful.

What do they know?

What does she care?

‘Cause when the glow comes

She is lifted high.

When the glow comes

Those morphine eyes.



Immortal and distorted

Creeps a smile and burns the portrait.

Procrastination euthanized

Incoherent way of life.

The puzzle pieces crumble and break

Make no mistake


Emptied vessel thirsting, bleeding

Sins replenish as she’s kneeling.

A new found faith, just one step taken

Shut them out

As she awakens.

‘Cause when the glow comes

She elicits power.

When the glow comes

In this final hour.



Redeemed catharsis

Purged and healing.

Sewn together

In this season.

Reveal the knife

The gleam of silver.

What doesn’t give strength

Just might kill her.

Slit their throats

One by one.

Splashing color

Behind the sun.

‘Cause when the glow comes

Tomorrow becomes today.

When the glow comes

With you she’ll have her way.



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