Two mornings ago, I awoke like every other work day, tired and unattracted to the grind. But I got myself together, grabbed my lunch and out into the world I went. Except one thing was different than every other morning. My truck was not where I had left it.

I really don’t wish that feeling on anybody, even my bestest enemy. Standing there, looking at the empty parking stall, utterly baffled. Did I park somewhere else?? Did I sleepdrive? Is this some joke? I literally stood there trying to process this for a good five minutes, unsure of what to do. Should I comb the complex? Maybe across the street at the mall? Crazy, useless thoughts but I was in total shock.

Nobody died. I didn’t lose my job. A fire didn’t burn down our home. Nobody got hurt but what a sensation of being robbed and violated. Someone put a giant skew in my world and got away scot-free and that leaves a hole where one shouldn’t be.

The truck itself was, I’ll admit, a piece of crap. Old, rusted, with over 450,000 clicks. The ignition was tricky, the passenger window had issues and the kids disliked getting in and out, especially of the tight back. Still, those oldies purr and even though it had many faults, she did the job we needed her to.

But why me? I guess why anybody? I’m assuming this happens all the time with many, many others experiencing the sting that is grand theft auto. Chances are it’s some lowliving drug user needing a joyride from A to B. Certainly wasn’t to make a buck. But who knows what the motive was or who this or these criminals are.

Of course I’m hopeful it turns up, maybe earning a parking ticket or a tow, leading it to the fuzz and ultimately back to me. I may have my faults but I will always carry the torch of hope.

Bad times come and quite often in twos and threes but good can arise from said times of despair. The set backs never cease but I can only feel its sting then shrug my shoulders and press on, with greater strength and motivation to push back the forces that are alive and working against us.

What a world, folks. Earlier today I said a prayer of resolve, whether its found and still driveable or something else positive comes of this. And in that prayer, I also requested that the perp or perps involved may learn from this and do a 180 life change. After all, crackheads are people too.

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