Do NOT Eff With My Daughters.

Yesterday, I get a text at work from a daughter saying that some man was yelling at them for being in the pool without adult supervision. He told them to get out and they did because they are trained to not talk to strange men as well as not talk back to an adult.

Let’s stop right there. I don’t care who you are. As a parent and a single one at that, this is very disturbing and all I can think of is going door to door and when I find him, a new arsehole will be torn. Who does this moron think he is? The Pool Police? I consider him more of a potential pedophile than anything, talking to teenage girls when he needs to mind his own biz.

My daughters are one month shy of their 16th birthdays and are fully capable of swimming on their own, plus they’re never on their own anyway, they have each other. But does this ahole need them to explain that to him to make him feel better? Do I need to write a note that my girls can show people to prove they have every right to be there?? Heeeeck no.

I’m not interested in using them as pawns but if they go back today I’m all for it. They’ve been instructed to ask what number he lives in and to leave them alone. I’m also hoping he makes a complaint to the condo board as I already have and they will put him in his place (and possibly give me his house digits so I can go rearrange his life).

There was another Pool Pig incident about a month ago, that time with reasoning behind it but still. The rules of the pool are stated on the fence wall. If you’re under 18 you have to be out by 8pm. Myself, as well as my children, are mindful of this. One evening the girls were in it until 5 minutes after and another tenant approached them and reprimanded them for being there after 8. She made a complaint to the board on top of her already annoying and unnecessary prescence.

Do these people really have nothing better to do than monitor an outdoor pool and take matters into their own hands as though making a citizens arrest?! How dreadfully pathetic it must be to live and operate like that.

Regardless of how messed up these poor individuals are, one thing remains. Do NOT eff with my daughters. And that brings me to another thought: thank God for the built into our dna violent yearnings to protect those closest to us. When I first heard about this weirdo approaching my girls the idea of caving in his face was all I wanted to do. Sure, it’s a bit harsh and would land me in a world of legal troubles but man, would that feel good. The fantasy of revenge is one of the sweetest elements we get to feel.

My girls have been through a lot and deal with a lot on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. You make wrong assumptions when you see them? Keep it to yourself and walk away. Daddy will typically use his word skills but every now and again he’ll get a hankering to stomp some face. It’s only natural.

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