8 Tiny Reindeer Couldn’t Pull This One Off.

What would I like from Santa this year? Let’s start with a successful day surgery/procedure for my Lindsey tomorrow. Then it’s to drop 40 more pounds. I think a man of his wealth and time travel knowledge can assist with these meager requests, don’t you?

Two years ago, my daughter Lindsey was hospitalized with four infections. Among these were ears and throat. Over the 90 minute procedure tomorrow, a hearing specialist will do skin grafts on her right ear, sealing a hole in the drum that’s been there for years. When he’s done, the ENT doc will put cameras into her lungs in a mission to discover the mystery that is her ongoing barking cough.

Obvs she isn’t excited about it but on the bright side, who wouldn’t want improved hearing? Who wouldn’t want answers to a problematic long term cough? You! And me!

Are these issues the results of the sins of the father? Did I (or my character of a father) do something bad to straight up curse my poor daughters? I know its a legit crazy idea but sometimes I feel like it’s my fault. In a sense, if it was my doing then I should have the power to fix my mistakes and therefore lift this wretched curse. Am I wrong? No, Kris, you’re an idiot.

And where’s bloody Santa Claus in all this? What’s his deal? As if he can’t have his top elf whip up a toy to help my daughters breathing and hearing. Leave my stocking empty this year. I just want help.

She shouldn’t have to suffer and she shan’t not need to feel all stressed for yet another procedure. Enough, powers that be, enough. But alas, we go back into battle, with or without Master Kringle.

As Jiminy Cricket once said “If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.” God, bless this little one. Give her peace and may she wake with sharper hearing and positive answers to her lung dilemma. Amen.

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