In the past week, I have come full circle in my writing career as I began creating a second potential television sitcom show based on yet another work experience. The title of my blog “sitcomstartup” comes from my first writing project..a tv sitcom script based on my experiences as a family day home provider. Things have shifted over the years and I haven’t been so set on making it in the tv industry per say as to my overall making it in the literary world as one day a household name.

Penning a sitcom script, for me anyway, is the funnest and easiest form of writing. Once you come up with your plot, your characters and the message you want to get across (all enjoyable things to create) then it practically writes itself. The script is about ten percent setting the scene and what your characters are doing, and ninety percent dialogue.

Maybe some writers struggle with dialogue but I for one do not. I mean it’s not just two or more random idiots spewing words in each others directions. It’s thought through and conveyed as the only things said are important in moving the episode along. No fillers. But then’s a sitcom. A situational comedy. Funny stuff has to ensue and has to be said and often. Fact.

The first episode or pilot is the trickiest and probably most boring one to write. I learned this quickly when I wrote the other series “Halman Crescent” (my street address where I operated the bulk of my day homes). In the first one, the name of the game is laying the ol’ foundation. Introducing everyone and everything. I’m not saying it can’t be entertaining or funny but in watching many pilot episodes, it translates to the small screen. The origin story of who’s-who.

Moving along into episode two, you are allowed all the elbow room one could need. Sure, new storylines will always emerge but at least your readers know the characters at least a bit and they can watch new jokes and silly antics come forth. The sky becomes the limit and anything is possible within this world that you and you alone have created.

I feel we all have a creative bone in our beautiful bods, just some maybe with more. Call it a God complex if you will but creating something from nothing is an intoxicating experience, whether you’re an artist, musician, carpenter, whatever.

Is there something you have been wanting to get into but have scoffed it off, or procrastinated about, or been told don’t quit your day job over? Do you feel like you are called to be or do something and you don’t know where to start? Please feel free to comment or even email me, any time. Cheers!

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