Do The Work. Don’t Be A Jerk.

I feel like we, in general, spend a lot of our time fighting the process instead of allowing the circumstance to take its place and to ride it out as opposed to kicking and screaming along the way. Let me break this down for at this late hour even I am left wondering what the hell I’m talking about.

Keeping the day job

There are some people that are early risers and for them this does not apply but for the rest of us, being alarmed out of a dead sleep and forced to leave your most comfortable zone and go work for someone for 8 hours 5 days a week? Ya, I’ll pass, thanks. A hard pass. Oh, but wait. If I don’t, then my family and I are homeless and we can’t eat therefore we die. Okay, okay, I’m up. I’m up!

I’m one to talk but at least I’m currently working on altering my scenario so I don’t have to struggle so much with this process. How am I doing that? Replacing late nights with earlier nights. Drinking more water. Accepting monotony. Stuff of this caliber.

Dating game

According to the dating app Badoo, from the 370 million worldwide users, each person spends 90 minutes a day on it, translating to approximately 10 hours a week. And from my experience, from those 10 hours, about 9.75 is time you wish you had back, if not the full 10. Spinning your wheels. Nothing good comes from dating sites.

Put in your calculator that times 4 weeks a month times x amount of years and you have an ample amount of wasted time and energy. Hungry for a girlfriend? Look at work. Look at the grocery style. At church. Under a rock. Whetever. Just avoid the online vacuum.

Taking care of our bods

You know what to do. All the tools at your hands. Get a gym membership and actually go. Eat smarter. Drink more water. Sleep longer. Couldn’t be more simple.

But I’m tired after work and getting up an hour early for that? Fuggetaboutit. I have too many things to do (this one I despise..). I’ll do some bandwagon gimmick diet and all will be well.

All hold truth but all are excuses and ultimately lies. The best thing you could ever do for your overall health including physical and mental health is to work out a minimum of thirty minutes a day. Heck, if you’re constant with thirty minutes four days a week, you’re doing fantastic. Diet is more important than being in the gym so simply eat at a calorie deficit, that is under your maintenance amount. Sleep and h2o might honestly be the two trickiest components but when you get into a cycle of gym visits and healthier eating the rest will fall into place.

This is my general schpiel. Push past the bs and just get with the work otherwise you’ll be treading water all life long. Make choices that encourage you to thank yourself. To recognize the person in the mirror has worth and is excelling, not surviving. Live long and prosper.

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