Is Free Time Really Free?

What are you building at night, in the quiet hours before you go to bed? I feel like the general population zones out in front of the boob tube, unwinding by no longer thinking but being entertained. I’ve done that lots. Others might drink or do drugs in that time, to maybe forget and to most definitely lose themselves, if only for a few hours. I’ve done that lots, too. And even others goes as far as to work on themselves or their business, often turning to work or a dedicated passtime to lose themselves in. I’ve done this the least but am doing it more and more as the nights go on.

Just like everyone, I’m a busy person. Five days a week I’m on the go from 6 am until 9 pm, sometimes longer. The other two days are similar, just more sleep is involved. It’s crazy how easily time can be wasted. Are there masters of said time out there? I wouldn’t doubt it. People who live in such multitasking fulfillment it would make our heads spin.

Some might consider watching television wasting time. Others may contend that its quite therapeutic; it’s a tool designed to help us turn off and let go, and with that I cannot disagree. But is it a necessary part of ones daily output in the ascension of the ladder that is success? Nah, not really. That being said myself writing for tv and movies, I should be promoting it but that, my friends, is another story.

The freedom from addiction (also another sweeping tale) provides a person with such a strong sense of freedom that they feel anything is possible and within that realm I am loving dedicating my evening time to writing instead of killing huge portions of brain consuming liquor and watching tv. It’s a generous playground of infinite ideas and lush backdrops for many a fine storyline.

This is where I am and this is where I want to be. How about you?

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