(Bitter) Sweet Sixteen.

Sixteen years ago, when dawn cracketh, I was awakened by a phone call stating that my twin daughters had come into the world. Lexis had arrived first, just before 5am, and her entrance into this planet was without issue. Twenty eight minutes later and after some literal twisting and turning, Lindsey arrived violently and painfully.

And today, after all those years, I question why were they predisposed to all these physical anomalies, and because of the lives of suffering they have endured, do they possess some sort of superhero giftings?! I jest but it has been often lately a passing thought. Think about it. Someone with superhuman abilities doesn’t come from greatness but from weakness. The chosen ones aren’t the folks you would expect to be flying circles around us in one degree or the next.

Will these girls, who are joined deeply, genetically, kinetically, emotionally and spiritually, be the ones to cure cancer? Might they advance the human race in the most unheard of and most fantastical way? Maybe they will bring the video store back? I believe any and all things are possible with these two.

They are sickly physically. Emotionally they are bombarded with dreading hospital visits, lack of friends, always behind in school work, without a mothers influence and countless other daily mini-traumas. They have low IQ’s. They are small in stature. They have limited concepts of money and time. Any even minor change and they are thrown off balance in most every way.

Yet they are happy. Their resilience is unparalleled. Their loyalty is unbreakable. The joy they experience is pure. They give back love like the sun. They will never hold a grudge; their forgiveness is like a river. The blessing upon their lives will always be greater than the enemies that try their best to steal from them. They are shiny. They are gold.

Today they turn sixteen. Anyone lucky enough to know or have known these two oracles of the rainbow know fully that they have something fantastic inside. And with claims of greatness, what is inside of them will one day be fully realized and adored by all mankind.

Thank you, God for these two angels that you have let me have on loan. I can never repay you for this rich life I am able to live by being simply called daddy. Happy sweet sixteen girls. You will truly live forever.

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