Vortexville (When Gravity Has Left The Building).

Today is the sixth day of my daughters hospital stay and though she is in good spirits, I can’t imagine the annoyance of being trapped within these walls. Prison comes to mind but I doubt the staff there are this attractive, not that that matters to my sixteen year old or even to me, the eunuch. Might as well be faceless robots, operating on solar power, programmed to do their work.

Maybe I’m trailing off here. Thoughts tumble and jumble since the start of this week. The dissolution of an important friendship happened over the past few days though to them, nothing special there. Happenings that intertwine and make me feeling I am losing my mind, when my feelings are naked and upfront and that is to be admonished and termed “drama”. Trying hard to wash my hands of the absurdity of this scenario.

Everything in life is on hold with this hospital disruption. My writing is non-existent. The gym isn’t a thing. My new gf feels neglected and why shouldn’t she. My other daughter is pretty much upside down. And my cats..don’t get me started on my cats.

But what can you really do during seasons like these? You grab onto something, dig in and hold tight, that’s what you do. When gravity has left the building the only viable solution is to stay grounded, whatever the cost. The screaming vacuum destination vortexville takes all prisoners except those plugged in to something greater. ‘Nough said.

Spoiler alert: life is a series of downs mixed with some periods of monotony and rare glimpses of happiness. There’s no avoiding it, unless you are mind sick and weak otherwise keep sniffing those smelling salts because you, my friend, are due back in the ring. The fight is just beginning.

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