Memories Of Those We’ve Loved The Most.

Day in, day out we are bombarded by bs, make no mistake and life moves forward whether we want it to or not. We get insulted daily, if not more often and let it roll off our backs. We deal with heartache but chock it up to bad timing or a poor effort. There is new hurt just waiting to attach itself to us and there is nothing we can do. What’s often the most healing is to shut out the screaming world, to sit down and get lost in the memories of those we’ve loved the most.

When love is in the air, all struggle is removed. There is no turmoil. There is joy. Anticipation. Each day is ripe and abundant with new ways to encourage yourself and those around you. And when all you have are memories, going down that path could be the closest thing to giving your spirit and mind a hug.

I’m not talking about pining for an old flame or exhuming the romance of a corpse long ago laid to rest. With those thoughts you get caught up in how it ended and next thing you know you’re either bawling or your scribbling down your suicide note. What I’m referring to is remember the happiness. The excitement. And it needn’t be romantic.

My granny comes to mind often, and each time I am surrounded with a warmth that can’t truly be explained. I think of her and how she was. I think fondly on her house and my childhood joy visiting there and everything that came along with it. The Neilson chocolate boxes (Golden Buds, Slowpokes, Willowcrisp). Trips to the pool and trips to the Jewel Theatre. Unhealthy snacks like sugar cereals, toast and jam, kraft dinner and candy. Sister sleepovers. Everything I adored and do continue to relish all these many years later.

Special romantic loves are definitely also on my list, as they should be. The way she laughed. Her sharp wit and the way we could talk for days. Her brattiness. The way she adored me. How I felt nothing else mattered in the world than her love. Her long, dark hair. The way we were the only two people in the world. Holding her hand. Waking up to her. Making love to her. Doing dishes together.

And there’s the love of a parent. Feeling secure and protected. Looked out for. Spoiled, on occassion. Financial showering. Knowing they would give their life for you. The way they help your children and one day childrens children. A love so encompassing and endearing, forever unbreakable.

Amidst these memories, tears of joy can flow. Oh, to be thankful and to truly embrace what normally is taken for granted! Though fleeting and far between, I do dig these thoughts up from time to time and comfort is immediate. Those sweet memories of those we’ve loved the most.

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