Ruth grabbed Embryo’s shirt collar and pulled him in close. “Look, I know I’m in deep, I don’t know how deep. But I at least deserve the truth. None of what you’re saying makes any sense. I know Divinity exists! I know someone other than you made all this, I just know it! I’d threaten to kill you but you’d simply regenerate so that ain’t happening. Tell me the truth.”

The sound of a train was heard just above them, rattling the whole earth. Both Embryo and Ruth ran up the steps to see not a train but Divinity and as the little girl. She approached Embryo, holding a tiny flash drive. “It’s time you tell her everything. And if you don’t, I will erase you on the spot. Talk!”

Practically in tears, Embryo succeeded. “Ok, ok, you’re right. There’s so much to unload.”

“Divinity is our daughter, always hidden by you from me. This is why Divinity is never around when I am. Ruth, you created The Womb and you have been so attached to the program for so long that you have crossed reality and your dreams. You and I reversed roles as training for me to take over the business when you came to hear about the program. You also have the ability to take on any shape possible and dwell in the dream world with Divinity. Ruth, at one point you voluntarily got in a bad car accident putting you and toddler Divinity in comas so all you do is sleep on the deepest level, which has let you live somewhat eternally in The Womb but it’s damaged parts of your brain I’m afraid irreparably.”

Ruth was beside herself. She was white as a ghost and found it hard to breathe. She looked at Divinity, detailing every aspect and then at Embryo.

Embryo continued, nervously. “I met you when you were a drunk, for lack of a better word, just as you had completed creating The Womb in your sober moments. Lost in dreams, you’ve forgotten about Divinity and forgotten about me. That catches us up.”

Ruth was in tears yet smiling. She went and knelt down in front of Divinity, taking her small hands in hers. “Have I been a good mother to you? Please forgive me, I feel like we just met. I’m going to get us out of here, to be a normal family. How does that sound, honey?”

Divinity shifted into the Afro-American woman and sunk her claws into Ruths hands. “I barely know you. All I want is what’s coming to me rightfully! The Womb. You must be deleted and him too!”

Embryo ran behind Divinity and grabbed the flash drive from her in a moment of pure confidence. He stomped on it and Divinity pixelated, her dust blowing the way of the wind.

On her knee, Ruth begged. “Embryo, you must show me the way out. If I have to kill her to release my daughter then I shall. We all have to get out now!”

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