Ever “Just For Men” your beard? I just did. New year therefore younger, newer Kristopher?! I honestly don’t know why I did it. Guess curiosity got the best of this character. I didn’t mind my greys before, they actually flowed better and considering my age, made more sense. The irony is in a sitch like this I can simply shave the bloody thing and no harm, no foul. Lesson learned. Why would I want to cover up part of who I am? We all do it every day.

What have you brought into this new year/new decade that you want to hide or simply paint away? I bring in a handful of bad, old habits that I’m dumping on the floor and watching them tip up into some infernal garbage dump to forever be removed and soon to be replaced with good, new habits. Simple enough, right?

Applying the beard paint took under ten minutes from start to finish. In that time frame I was able to cover up ten to fifteen years of my life. I only wish it encompassed every aspect of my life, not just my hairy facial appearance. A quick fix is exactly what it sounds like. Actually when I hear those two words together I more so think of a speedy bandaid.

Fast food, the newest phone, wanting to chloroform Greta Thunberger.. these are all quick fixes but leave one unfulfilled. I, for one, have tired from the easy way out. I wanna put in the work. I want to earn my rewards. I want to make more deposits this year than withdrawals and I don’t just mean that in banking terms. I’m not doing it for the proverbial “karma” either. It makes a person feel good.

I’ve disrespected myself for too long, emersing myself in places I shouldn’t be. I’ve been lazy. I’ve stayed down longer than I normally do when I’m on the rocks. Putting in a greater effort not only builds your self-confidence but it allows you to truly enjoy those brief periods of rest, as something earned.

It’s time to pay back those that have lent. It’s time to go without in order to bless someone deserving and needing. It’s time to start early and end late. It’s time to lose a little sleep in order to be there for that person when they need me. It’s time to put in the time at the gym. It’s time to fuel my body the right way. I need to be at my best body, mind and spirit in order to give what I need to give.

Maybe I’m hiding behind my stubble but I want to be exposed every other way. I want transparency. I want to better myself as always but most of all I don’t wanna hide and I don’t want any handouts. Dignity, confidence.. arise!

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