The Womb-9)

Ruth’s eyes shifted to see the old basement and her body followed immediately. The smell of old and the sound of heavy footsteps brought the chill of hell upon her. She was back in the thralls of her most tormenting nightmare and this time all alone.

Her eyes they glanced up and down the walls, her vision permeated the drywall, seeing all. The door to the basement swung open hard and her heartbeats tripled the thunderous foot steps chasing downstairs. Ruth grabbed the rusty garden rake and stood by the bottom of the stairs. When the one eyed slobbering beast of a man hit the floor, the rake head penetrated his torso hard and fast. The dull, rusty prongs dug in even deeper as Ruth pushed and pulled the handle, mincing his heart, lungs and stomach.

With blood pouring from his chest and mouth, the disfigured freak fell face first to the cold concrete floor, letting out one long final wail of torment. Ruth ran into the next room and hid with her back against the back of the couch. With nothing in her hands she heard the growling and yelling of the other two grotesque inhabitants, one a lady of sorts and another man, this one larger.

The walls pulsed and inhaled then exhaled loudly. The tipped over couch Ruth hid behind was grabbed and tossed toward a wall. Shaking, Ruth turned her eyes to the hideous mountain of melted flesh who stood before her. He laughed as though a demon with his prey, drooling from the lips and quivering all over his contorted body. Ruth got up and ran towards the man and dove inside his flesh.

He stood there grabbing at his throat then buckling over and madly reaching for anything around him. Without warning Ruth’s fist came out his skull as her hand pulled off his face. Her body re-emerged tearing through his bloodied body, internal organs and piles of flesh everywhere. Ruth had tore him apart from the inside out and now he lay dead in many, many pieces.

The pitter patter of animal feet was heard upstairs and still covered in blood, Ruth ran up the stairs to see the final beast in the form of a large dog and she was trying to escape. Clawing at the door and windows but to no avail. Ruth calmly walked to her, took her by the neck and twisted it hard until a loud snap was heard. The house itself began to shudder and emanating out every floorboard and piece of lumber was a menacing wail though defeated and dying.

Ruth doused the entire floor in gasoline and standing out front, she took in one final glance at the nightmarish haunted house that plagued her dreams for decades. She lit a match and without a word flicked it onto the front steps. Within seconds the house was engulfed in flame, smoke billowing up and choking any leftover life breathing inside.

She watched it burn right to the ground, not batting an eye. And seconds after the final beams collapsed, a figure could be seen walking through the ashes. They approached slowly and Ruth had to wipe her eyes to see. It was Divinity, as the woman with the talons and the anger in her heart.

Meanwhile, back at The Cervix

Embryo stood between Ruth and Divinity’s comatosed bodies. He injected a clear fluid into both girls and within moments the both of them bolted up, wide awake…

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