As adult Divinity slowly walked towards her, large chunks of Ruth’s memory began rushing back to her. The train would always give her great comfort as it meant her father would be returning home. In times of panic this would bring her right into peace. And she remembered chastising Embryo and cursing him with a shorter life in her dreams and that was largely because she was unhappy and lashed out at him. As quickly as the pieces fit there was one task at hand that needed her full attention and facing down her daughters older, twisted projection was now.

When Divinity was about ten feet in front of her Ruth held out her hand. “Stop. All of it. You are conceptually my daughter and you only exist within this realm that I have created. I offer you this.. you walk away, continue living in this dreamscape and never show your face again. Or be destroyed now, permanently deleted from existence. Decide quickly.”

One second later she was at Ruth’s throat, squeezing with one hand while slicing her cheek with a ten inch talon. Divinity bared her fangs and hissed, “My rightful place is standing on your grave. This is more than just a dream, I can send your soul to hell just as you can. I can’t exist with you drawing breath, the little girl won’t allow it. When I’ve killed you I will tear her to shreds and rule this universe with no adversary in my way.”

Ruth grabbed a fistful of Divinity’s hair and punch her repeatedly in her nose, breaking it so hard it was forced inside her face. Blood gushed as she clawed at Ruth, missing with every swipe. They tumbled on the ground, kicking and cursing, hair pulled from skulls. With Ruth on her back, Divinity went to wrap her hands around her throat but rays of light shot from Ruth’s eyes throwing Divinity off of her and onto her face.

Ruth stood before a beaten Divinity, rolling on the ground in the fetal position. As though exorcising a demon, Ruth laid her hand on Divinity’s back. Divinity rolled over and looked Ruth in the eyes. “And now I delete you, you wretched beast incarnate! Release my daughter.” Divinity’s flesh began to melt, and in a flash of light she stood up and bolted as far as east is from west, leaving a trail of blood.

In a stupor and still trying to focus on how she got here, Ruth pulled herself together and called out to Embryo. “I’m sorry, E, for everything. I remember everything now and all you’ve done for me. I need you now!” The sound of a train whistle was heard and right behind Ruth was a train station. Like the little girl inside she ran towards it as it lurched to a stop. The door opened and Embryo stepped out baring a very urgent expression. “I am in The Cervix with you and your daughter and you are both awake but weak and in and out of consciousness. Where is Divinity? We must get you out now.”

Ruth looked at him in desperation. “The wicked one escaped. I offered her a deal and she bolted.”

Embryo put his hands on his head. “We have no time. The Womb is crumbling. If we don’t get you out, you, along with everyone and everything else in this universe will forever be deleted! I have young Trinity with me but I can’t guarantee she will stay alive if the older version is deleted.”

“But there is no time! Keep her safe. I must kill the evil one!”

The ground began to shake and the skies darkened, bringing vivid lightning showers. Embryo stepped back towards the train. “But how? She will just pixelate and then regenerate. We need to extinguish her from the outside! Please come!”

The quakes intensified. “I killed those in my dream and I know how to kill her. I have to at least try. If I never see you again I love you. If Divinity survives this please raise her with love, lots and lots of love!”

Embryo stepped onto the train and the doors closed immediately. The whistle rang out one final time and in the blink of an eye Embryo was forever out of the program. Ruth’s body though awake, lay silent and her gaze was fixed on Divinity, feet from her. Divinity’s eyes were also locked on her mother’s.

In The Womb, Ruth flew after Divinity, following the trail of blood until Ruth saw her under the shade of a giant willow tree. Divinity lay in pain, her flesh half melted off most of her body. She writhed when she saw Ruth approach her. Ruth bent down on one knee and embraced her, Divinity clawing and fighting Ruth off. Lightning struck all around them and the ground was separating all around them, the dreamscape imploding very fast.

Ruth held her demon daughter tight and rocked her. “I love you, Divinity, so much. I am so sorry for all the times I was away working on The Womb. I’m sorry I practically abandoned you. I love you very much and I am forever here for you now.” Whatever was left of the older African American version of Divinity disappeared and her six year old daughter lay at peace in her arms.

Ruth bent lower to kiss Divinity on the top of her head. Fire shot up from the cracks in the ground and the quakes grew stronger. Seemingly at once, the ground opened up and the great willow tree and Ruth holding her daughter dropped into nothingness.


Embryo turned around to see both beds empty, both Ruth and Divinity vanished. Quickly, he ran to the next room to check the float tank and surely as he was standing there, Divinity and Ruth sat up, looking at each other then up at Embryo. “You survived!” Embryo jumped into the tank and hugged both girls tightly.

“Is it over, Mommy? Is it destroyed?” Divinity asked between showers of kisses from both her mother and father.

“Yes, baby. It is done. Never to look back.” Ruth’s tears mingled with the salt water as they exited the tank. “It is finished.”

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